Renovation Tips to Add Value to Your Home

Have you decided to move from your old home? Then congratulations! Do you want to sell the home and buy an apartment? You have made the right decision. But do you feel that the price of the home is too low? Then you can make certain additions to the home for a budget. So, get ready to know the renovation tips to add value to your home.

In this article, you will find two types of renovations. The first type is when you plan to remain in the same house for years. And the second type is just to make the home sell at a good price. So let us focus on the two types of renovation for your home.

A. New Bathroom

Yes, every home has a bathroom, but it will be special if your dwelling has another one. This option is very beneficial when you want to sell the home for a good price. When it comes to making a new bathroom, check the number of rooms in your home. Which will be more suitable for the new addition? You need a minimum of 18 square feet to do a new one. For the bathtub, you need to have 35 square feet.

If you plan to add a new bathroom, look around for discounts during festivals. Some brand will quote a reduced price for sinks.

But please keep one fact in mind. During the renovation, you need to hire the best civil engineer in the city. There should be excellent coordination or else the project may misfire. Do you want a bathroom to be added to your Bangalore home? Then hire the best civil engineer in Bangalore via the app of home maintenance companies in the city.

  1. Renovation Tips To Add Value To Your Homes – Energy Efficient Windows

Save Energy is the order of the day. So, you have smart home appliances that can conserve energy and also save some money for your pocket. The energy-efficient blinds have come and you can install them for a price. But do not forget to check if the addition can spell a good amount for your home. The energy-efficient windows will be a cool addition.


Ensure you know the prices of every home in your locality. If you have done renovation, and the price increases the value of your home by a significant percent, the home sellers will not favor the sale. So, please plan accordingly.

There are also additions you can make such as smart thermostats, fire detectors, and security cameras. These modifications will enhance your home’s value as per the neighborhood need.

    2. Renovation Tips To Add Value To Your Homes – Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool

Who does not love to play in the water? Even the adults will love to do the same. If you plan to remain in the home for more than a decade, then go for building a swimming pool. It will be the main source of attraction among your relatives.

But you cannot expect to get a good price during the sale. There are many who will not favor buying a house with a swimming pool if they have children.

D. Tiles in Kitchen

Tiles in Kitchen

Yes, you can add excellent tiles in the kitchen, but they will not help during the sale. It is better to indulge in small additions in the kitchen which may add grace such as lamps. Please note, an excellent design kitchen will not only put a hole in your renovation budget but may also turn off the buyers.

If your spouse had gone to the home of the neighbors, she will be able to make valuable contributions. Do not add to the value of your kitchen too much than the neighborhood.

E. Garage Additions

Garage Additions

Do you have a basement in your home? Is it dingy? Then turn the space into either an attractive room or garage. Today, every person has a car, and if they can find a home with a garage, your home will be the first one to get sold in the neighborhood.

  1. Hard Floors

Hard Floors

Do not have the home floors covered by carpets. Not many home buyers will love them. Instead, replace them with hard floors.

Final Word

There are many articles you can find on the internet regarding home renovation. But always choose one as per the guidance of your elder family members. They can tell new tips that can make space look more appealing.

Have you read the article? Did the improvements we suggested has made a home get more value for your friend or relative? If you have any doubts, put a comment in the Reviews section.

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