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Replace In-person Class with Glo’s Online Yoga Application

Are you an individual who has a habit of workouts? Do you continuously look for running routes or fitness studios and stick to the ones that you like? Individuals concerned about their physical and emotional well-being regularly exercise besides doing other activities that keep them refreshed physically and mentally. One method of managing anxiety and enhancing your performance in new and unfamiliar places is by rising above your fears. Yoga is the best approach to attaining peace of mind as it empowers you to get in touch with reality and make the best out of it.

During stressful moments such as the Covid-19, you need yoga to maintain your fitness. For a long time, in-class yoga centers have been the best options for practicing yoga. However, technological innovations have seen inventions of new and more efficient strategies of practicing yoga from the comfort of your home. Applications such as Yoga Glo have redefined online yoga lessons.

What is Glo Online Yoga?

It is an online meditation Pilates tailored to every individual’s life. It allows you to practice yoga with the best teachers in the world from your home’s comfort. It provides lessons for every stage and progress that individuals make besides allowing them to customize their practices and own them.

Why Yoga Glo?

If you have been searching for online yoga classes, you will realize that the Yoga Glo application is what you exactly need. As yoga continues to evolve with technological innovations, the need for personalized yoga classes is increasing. With your Yoga Glo app, you will enjoy the following benefits;

Variety of classes

Once you download the app, you will realize your limitless access to varieties of yoga lessons. Whatever yoga class you need, the app is a one-stop destination boasting of over 3,500 styles. The application has all your needs covered with the duration of levels ranging from 5 minutes to two hours. You have access to popular yoga styles such as Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Hatha, Kundalini, Yin, and Iyenga. The easy-to-use app will empower you to practice your home-yoga with simple and clear steps.

A user-friendly platform

Besides sorting the classes according to the duration, the app also has filter features that simplified your process of locating your favorite tutor. You can decide to work props into the workout, select according to experience or focus on a particular class that interests you more. When exercising, you can choose to focus on inner strength, breathe, and sleep, among others. Users enjoy the freedom of narrowing their searches to specific individual needs.

Enjoy ‘discover’ options for smart suggestions

This feature is helpful, especially for online yoga practice beginners. As a first-timer, you probably understand little about yoga styles and classes. As you embark on a search, the app’s intelligent ‘discover’ toggle will offer you smart suggestions for you to make a choice. The toggle further narrows the tips by asking you whether you want to meditate, improve your mood, or an opportunity to burn some calories. These suggestions are crucial in helping you to select the style that you need.

Consistent and clear instructions

If you have attended in-class yoga, you will be surprised by the consistency and clarity of instructions that Yoga Glo has. The app continuously reminds you of the better your practice to advance to higher stages. For instance, in Chaturanga, Glo guides you on to adjust your arms, wrists, and elbows to make the session more effective. In Chaturanga’s ten-minute Iyengar, the instructor will remind you to adjust your shoulders appropriately and strengthen your core. The detailed and straightforward and easy-to-follow instructions come handy for home based-yoga.

Example of yoga classes for managing stress and anxiety

Yoga plays an essential role in the management of stress. Examples of stress-relieving poses include;

• Sukhasana- involves bending forward with a relaxed pose

• Uttanasana- involves standing and bending forward to open shoulders. • Prasarita Padottanasan- standing and bending forward with legs spread far apart.

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