Selling Your Home

5 Things That Must Look Sharp When Selling Your Home

When homeowners sell their homes, they recognize that the house must be appealing to potential buyers. They want potential buyers to see the magic that made them buy the house. However, that magic only appeared to the homeowners.

Buyers just see a house. Sellers should know that it’s not about them. It’s impossible to know what buyers seek in a house because they all want something different. Homeowners’ homes need to play to potential buyers, no matter what they’re looking for. What makes a house appeal to potential buyers? Here are five things that must look sharp when selling a house.

1. The Front Door

When buyers pull into the drive, they’ve already gotten an impression of your home. The first thing they see is the front entry door. If it’s boring white or black, that’s the impression they have: boring. Front doors need a pop of color with which to draw in a potential buyer. Lots of homeowners go with bright red, some with bright blue, yellow, or green. Whichever color you choose, it must look sharp in order to grab the attention of buyers.

2. The Outside of the House

Cluttered landscaping overwhelms potential buyers. If potential buyers pull into the drive only to see a riot of plant life, they might feel they’ve driven into a jungle. Not only that, but potential buyers need to know that their taste in plants and flowers will look good in your yard. Limit your landscaping to a few plantings, one or two flower beds, and perhaps one water feature. Remove all the cute yard ornaments. Potential buyers have their own taste in yard ornaments. They need to know that their own will look good there.

3. Declutter the House

Buyers aren’t interested in your paintings, wall decorations, family photos, or knick-knacks. Take the rooms down to bare walls. Take up the rugs and store all these things off-site. Then place one or two paintings on the walls. Place the minimum of furnishings in the rooms. Place a bowl or vase of fresh flowers in the rooms.

Buyers are placing their own furniture and paintings in their minds when they view your house. If your house is staged with the bare minimum of furnishings and decorations, then buyers will be able to see the size of the rooms. They’ll be better able to tell if their belongings will fit in the rooms.

4. Concentrate on the Kitchen

It’s a well-documented fact that kitchens and bathrooms sell a house. It’s not necessary to upgrade the cabinetry and appliances. However, sprucing them up and adding little touches will make your kitchen interesting to a buyer.

Clean everything until it glows. Empty the cabinets and store their contents. Stage the cabinets with a few dishes and pots. Store the small appliances so buyers will know if theirs will fit on the counters. A cake plate with a pretty cake or platter of cookies on the counters tells buyers that they too can create delicious things in this kitchen.

If you must upgrade, then add lighting. All cooks need proper task and ambient lighting with which to see what they’re chopping and dicing. Denude the windows of any window treatments. Buyers need to see all the natural light available, especially in the kitchen.

5. Closets Are Important

Storage is the number one reason buyers view houses. Their own storage needs upgrading, so they’re checking out yours. Empty all the closets and store their contents. Now place a few hangers with clothing, shoes, and perhaps a suitcase back in the closets.

Buyers will snoop into all your closets, cabinets, and other storage areas. These must look as if the buyer’s belongings will fit into the storage areas. Make sure the storage areas are properly lit. Buyers need to see into all the nooks and crannies because they’re planning to fill them up. If the closets are somewhat small, then buying shelving kits at the local big-box store works wonders. Buyers will see white wire shelves, hanging poles, baskets, and boxes in which to organize their belongings.

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