Company formation service in Bulgaria

Service through personal visit to Bulgaria or through correspondence?

You will see in many places on our website that we offer the majority of our services both remotely and through a personal visit to our office. And you will also see that the prices and convenience connected to a personal visit make this the significantly better choice.

The first, most important step in establishing yourself on the market is to incorporate/acquire a company in Bulgaria. Both cutting through Bulgarian banks’ red tape and processing other legal matters with the minimum of work in the minimum amount of time will happen if you visit us personally.

But before we get into that, we have to emphasize that, from a personal perspective, a visit would be very pleasant and productive for you. Building trust and stable personal contact with us as your future business partners is no doubt an important consideration for you already. Contemporary ease of travel makes a trip to Sofia sometimes easier and faster than to some places within your own country.

We are keen on showing you personally the level of professionalism and the amenities we have on offer, all in the service of maintaining your business. Our office exudes respectability and comfort and our staff is impeccable.

Also, Sofia will undoubtedly leave an impression on you, both during the day and during the night, providing both culture, entertainment, and opportunities to get in touch with prospective new partners.

We mentioned above that the specifics of Bulgarian law and company incorporation/acquisition procedures can be significantly reduced with a trip to the country. Here’s how:

In the case of remote incorporation/acquisition, contract documents, as well as opening a bank account need to be certified by a notary in your own country, then sent to be translated and legalized in Bulgaria, incurring costs and significantly increasing the period for completion of the services.

A personal visit would do a world of good to another key part of establishing your company in Bulgaria: opening a bank account in a Bulgarian bank. The procedure is possible remotely, but not guaranteed since the bank’s requests for any additional documentation have to be run back and forth between you, us and the bank, again stretching the time-frame and increasing monetary costs. Not to mention that banks have the right to terminate the opening procedure at their discretion if they haven’t met with the client personally.

But in the end, we can only recommend, not require, that you make it easier for you by coming to us. If you are willing to go through lengthened procedures or pay higher notary fees, as well as fees for translation and legalization, we can work remotely. And then again, maybe you’re just too far away to travel to our country, which is completely understandable.

In any case, when you can, come by. You won’t regret it.


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