signs someone wants to destroy you

Signs Someone Wants to Destroy You

There are people in this world who want us to grow and make sure that we stay happy in our lives. Then there are people who do not want to see us win. 

They constantly look for ways to pull us down. These people seem to be nice to us but deep down they want to destroy everything we own or achieve. It could be out of jealousy or because they are not happy themselves.  

There are very few of us who are not surrounded by such types of people whereas everybody has someone who wants to destroy them. Here we will discuss the signs of someone who wants to destroy you. So let’s begin 

  • You will always find them being negative 

That one person who wants to destroy you will never sound positive. You will find toxicity in everything they do. They will have nothing good to say about others and will always sound jealous when they hear other people’s success stories and see their achievements.  

They will constantly try to infuse that negative energy in your life too. Everyone around them will seem to be their enemy and they will want you to see everyone the same way.

  • They are the biggest sympathy gainers

These kinds of people will always try to be the ones gaining sympathy. They will try to play the victim card every time even if they are wrong or when someone is against them. 

They will tell you stories every time they get around you and will tell you to understand them and help them. They always try to show how soft they are and how soft they want the people around them to be. 

  • They will always try to pull you down 

A person with all the negative energy should never be in your list with whom you should discuss your dreams and goals. These people always look for ways to pull you down and also your dreams and ambition. 

They will always make sure that you also step back from running after your goals. These people always become jealous and envious whenever they hear about your achievements and goals.

  • They will always talk about every one and also you

A person who is a friend to everyone is a friend to no one. You will find them acting friendly with everyone around them and then talking behind their back. 

The same thing they do with you too. You will hear things from others that are said by them. It is always important to stay covered up when around these types of people.

  • They will insult you jokingly in public and will assure you that they have your back in private

People who want to drag you down will always assure you and make you feel that they have your back when talking in private. When in public you will find the same type of people insulting you in a joking way even if you are right. You will never find them being defensive for you in public.

  • They are not happy for you

These people are never happy for you. If you share your achievements with them you will find them not being so happy. 

They will either fake a laugh or fake smile in front of you and will start sharing their sorrows with you. They will also try to show that your achievements are not a big deal as anyone can do it.

  • They will act friendly only when they need something

People who want to pull you down and never want to see you happy will always be friendly with you when they need something. You will never see them acting friendly or see them present when you are in need. 

They will try to appreciate you, flatter you and say nice things only when they want something from you.

In conclusion, we hope the above information was helpful for you to understand the signs of someone who wants to destroy you. It is important to be careful with such people and stay away from them as much as possible.  We hope that by reading the pointers you are able to identify that one person in your life who is wanting to see your ruin. If you can’t change the people around you, change the people around you for your success and positive atmosphere that you always seek.

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