Smart phones – a Decade overview

Smartphones have evolved to an unimaginable level now, if we consider the last decade, the smartphone industry has taken the market by storm. Most of us don’t remember how we were before we had smartphones and certainly not willing to try. That is how important mobile phones from keypad mobiles to foldable phones and whatnot, there are more things one can do with a phone in hand. One thing about mobile phones are crystal clear, it is definitely making our everyday task much and effective.

Smartphones help us to “Go Paperless” literally, we have many applications that void us of using papers may it be for work or home. There are countless applications available to take notes or make a checklist per se, Google keeps replaced the need of using post-it notes for us to remember things. Even everyday news we get on our phones and can read it on the go. And countless other apps that make our life a little easier. Like the sketching apps that have helped us to reduce the usage of papers. There are other applications that literally decreased the physical effort needed for a task. There are applications available to book movie tickets online, pay bills, mobile banking, and other stuff. These are possible only with a smartphone.

I guess I can take the liberty to speak for all if I say with the invention of smartphones the communication industry has grown beyond the reach and developed many ways to effectively communicate. we are more aware of what is happening around the world and more connected to our friends and family now than before. May it be hangouts or email, on a professional level or be it WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook for entertainment used for communication. The growth of smartphones is overwhelming when we look at the big picture, where the usage of mobile phones comes with good and bad depending on the users and how one uses it. This is something we have to take into account, but if we take a look at the good uses of mobiles, we can overlook the bad things that come with it. But that doesn’t mean that one should use technology in a bad way possible.

Smartphones come with various technology and specifications; you can buy them based on how you use it. They have replaced most of the gadgets, you can take a high-resolution picture that can compete with a DSLR in a High-end smartphone. We no longer carry calculators with us or buy alarm clocks, hard disks and memory cards come at the size of Megabyte and terra byte which can be carried in the pocket.

With the advancement of technology, we are even more vulnerable to cyber-attacks and threats. And we have more to lose with online banking, and it is easier to get information from the mobile like passwords, UPI IDs and Net Banking if connected to the same wireless network. And it is more shocking than what one can with a phone. And moreover, with the increase in usage of mobile technology, it has become a million-dollar industry that has its claws in almost all digital industries. When the number of people spending time online increases, there are a lot of opportunities and chances to either sell a product, service or to tell a story. And more certainly people try to escape into their screen and looking for entertainment and a distraction from the world. So, it serves the means for it.

Today, even young children are using mobile phones from a very young age, and this is a problem that increases the number of issues rising with the eyesight of children. And very young kids have prescribed glasses for myopia or other sight problems. They are even addicted to usage and playing games that become difficult for parents to get them to stop using it. Smartphones are a necessary evil for adults but not for children, even doctors advise parents to not give the phone to their young ones. Smartphones have changed the world we live in like never before and definitely cannot go back how were before using it but can however use it cautiously. Our world is changed and we need to get the board on it.

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