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Small businesses are trying to go for digital methods so that it makes their work easier and more flawless, especially in relation to accounts and payments. The reason is very simple that a software package can offer a wide range of options that SMEs can use according to the nature of their business. The benefits of integrating accounting software far exceed any conventional software used in regular workplaces which can only take care of one or two functions at a time. 

There are various accounting software packages that SMEs are using today. Here we will discuss what are some of the best accounting software gets introduced for SMEs in the market for online business. We will target how the medical industry as well, including how and what software medical practitioners, as well as other business owners, can use. 

SlickAccount and FastPayee Accounting Software for Online Business

SlickAccount and FastPayee are some of the top accounting software in India that is used in India today. They are cloud-based accounting software and it was especially designed by certain SMEs so that their UIs can be handled in a better manner.

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  • It is also possible to get a complete overview of all the clients and much more. 
  • Moreover, the software is also free of cost and so any SME can use them without incurring extra costs for the company at all.
  • The ease and efficiency of the software make them a top choice and also helps the SMEs save time and money. 
  • The software could help in quite a lot of areas like record-making, account processing, invoice creating and sending, payroll and the like. 
  • A good software package will also help in choosing the right services from the software and give the user the maximum advantage. 
  • It will also reduce the chances of human errors in these departments.

Practice Management Software for Medical Practitioners

If it talks about the healthcare industry, adopting modern technology to offer precise healthcare solutions has become popular among clinics and doctors. Therefore, the demand for these in India has also grown at a high rate.

Being a medical professional if you are looking to enhance your practice using technology, you must know a to z about different accounting and practice management tools. Here is a list of the top practice management software in 2019:

  1. vCita – This proves great for CRM as it manages the business along with scheduling calendar. It serves scope for better communication within a short period.
  2. MediSteer – This is a web-based product which covers every aspect of operations and manages small to large hospitals. It offers reduced medical expenses.
  3. MARG GST – Emerging as one of the best GST software in India, this solution allows one to convert bills into any required format. It sends bills via emails, and thus, saves a whole lot of time.
  4. Busy GST – This proves to be integrated accounting software for MSMEs. It has more than 2, 00,000 installations with 6 Lakh+ users. It provides a 3-day’s free trial.
  5. MediXcel EMR – It helps doctors and medical administrators manage the clinic transactions with ease. It features EMR, scheduling appointments, prescription handling, and patient track record management.
  6. GEN-GST – If you want all in one GST software, GEN-GST could be the best option for you. It is a complete package which introduced with high-end features and functionality like e-billing, filing, and calculation of GST. However, lots of online GST calculator also available if you are required GST calculation only on particular goods and services. 

Besides the above discussed, there are other top-notch practice management tools also available like Clinicmaster, ZOHO Books, QuickBooks, ProfitBooks, DocEngage, Practo, Praxify, etc.

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