Steel Conduit Industry

Standard Function Promotes High Quality Development Of Steel Conduit Industry

After years of continuous deepening reforms, my country’s IEC61386 steel conduit industry has achieved significant results in the standardization work, but there are also some deficiencies. First, the existing standard system needs to be strengthened in adapting, promoting, and leading the transformation and upgrading of the industry; second, the existing standards are not advanced and forward-looking, and the development (revision) cycle is long, and the lack of standards and lagging phenomena still exist.The third is that the standard’s compatibility needs to be strengthened. Steel standards cannot yet provide services for manufacturing and use in a systematic manner. There is a large gap between the upstream and downstream standards for the coordination of standards around the industrial chain of steel materials. Fourth, the influential Chinese-standard steel material standard system has not yet been formed internationally, restricting my country’s advanced steel technology and products from going out.

The standard work of the steel conduit industry should focus on the following four aspects.

One is to continue to play the role of standard hard restraint in the process of consolidating the results of capacity reduction. Capacity reduction should mainly rely on marketization and rule of law. We must give full play to the hard restraint of standards, and rectify within a time limit those enterprises that fail to meet the standards. We must resolutely clarify those who still fail to meet the standards after the rectification. In the current process of consolidating the achievements of iron and steel capacity reduction, these standards will still be an important means and basis. We must understand and implement them well, continuously improve the applicability and timeliness of the standards, improve and complete the relevant standard system, and give full play to the advanced The standard plays an important role in eliminating backward production capacity and promoting industrial upgrading.

The second is to play a leading and exemplary role in transformation and upgrading. It is necessary to accelerate the preparation (revision) of a batch of advanced standards in quality, technology, energy consumption, and comprehensive utilization of resources, to lead the promotion of new materials, new products, and new technologies with standards, and to provide technical support for the industry’s weaknesses. Promote the upgrading of products and promote the continuous improvement of the industry’s energy conservation and emission reduction and comprehensive utilization of resources. It is necessary to adhere to the combination of standards and industrial development, standards and quality improvement, bring industry voice to high standards, rely on advanced standards to manufacture high-quality products, and cultivate a number of benchmarking and demonstration enterprises in the field of high-end gi conduit pipe.

The third is to play the role of standard bridge and link in innovation and development. It is necessary to continuously improve the in-depth integration of scientific and technological innovation and standard innovation, gradually improve the mechanism of close integration of standard research and technology research and development, and timely convert core technologies with independent intellectual property rights into standards, and accelerate the pace of industrialization of scientific and technological achievements. At the same time, in-depth study of the specific methods and measures of standardization in promoting independent core technology innovation and promotion and application, and strengthening independent innovation capacity building. We will continue to increase the effective supply of standards, and encourage industry associations and industry technology alliances to coordinate relevant market players to jointly develop advanced, applicable, and meet the needs of market and innovation.

The fourth is to play a standard leading role in international production capacity cooperation. At present, in the international production capacity cooperation, some countries require the use of European, American or host country standards, which causes Chinese companies to spend a lot of manpower, material and financial resources to obtain the certification of other countries’ standards, and even leads to the mature technology and experience of Chinese companies cannot be abroad. With effective implementation, it is difficult for superior products and services to enter foreign markets. This urgently requires us to accelerate the realization of international integration of various standards to create possibilities and facilitate foreign cooperation. Therefore, in the international capacity cooperation, we should actively carry out standardization cooperation, jointly formulate international standards in product, equipment, technology, service and other advantageous areas, strengthen the interconnection with the standards of partner countries; accelerate the construction of the English version system of China’s standards, and encourage Enterprises with independent innovation capabilities and superior technologies dominate or participate in the formulation of international standards, promote the mutual transformation of domestic and foreign standards, and at the same time increase the proportion of China’s standards into international standards, enhance China’s international recognition and discourse power in international standardization work, lead and Promote the international development of China’s steel conduit industry; we must focus on strengthening talent training, attach importance to the construction of international standardized talent teams, and work hard to cultivate composite talents and interdisciplinary talents, to create a combination of domestic and international, technology, language, rules Combined team of experts.

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