Strengthen Your First Impression With Draftover

Strengthen Your First Impression With DraftOver

We all work for two reasons, first to get a good life and second to get good recognition in the working place where we are working. The first criteria will be easily fulfilled when we’ll work with a proper dedication in our workplace but the criteria of getting good recognition will be only fulfilled when we’ll create a distinct mark in our workplace. In this crowd, where everybody is trying to be best from another, it is really very important to choose a path which is totally different from that path which is chosen by a maximum number of people in that crowd. We all know that the internet is creating a fabulous platform for all digital content creators who really want to flourish in this digital platform and starting from professional to content writers, digital media has provided them with a huge number of intellectual customers as well who are well aware of that particular genre.

DraftOver is a digital-based company that helps you to gather that first impression which can lead you to gain maximum followers and customers based on your strong profile. In today’s world, there is a scenario where thousands and lakhs of aspirants and creators are there who are working in the same genre. That only creators or aspirant stands different which has the potential to be different and that potential to be different is being created by DraftOver only. Starting from strengthening your LinkedIn profile to improving the content which you are publishing in the digital platform, everything will be updated and modified by DraftOver with great sincerity and passion.

Our services to brighten your career:

  • Resume Writing: we all know how crucial a resume is for our job. May it be a fresher’s job or even for an MNC company, resume plays a vital role in getting you your perfect job. The concept of presenting yourself and your personality is being differentiated into three parts which have wholly different meanings respectively. The first one is Biodata which basically describes your physical attributes, Resume is a part where you describe all about your educational background, your marks, about your journey till here but in a precise manner and the third one is Curriculum Vitae. Now talking about Resume, it doesn’t matter if you a fresher or an experienced candidate a resume will no doubt help you get a better and respectable job with your key skills and talent. So we have got a skilled professional team which has great experience in resume writing.
  • Cover Letter: this wasn’t in trend some decades back, but in this competitive scenario it has gained a lot of importance along with resume. It is a kind of letter to the chief recruiter who is going to recruit you for that particular job you are interviewing for. It can explain how passionate you are related to the job and why you desperately want this job. DraftOver has a good lot of professional HR who can really help you to draft a strong and effective Cover letter.
  • LinkedIn makeover: Since the number of candidates of a single post is so huge that HR needs to reject some candidates by just viewing the LinkedIn profiles only. There are many reputed companies where HR personally visit candidates’ profile just to select the best among the lot. So it is very important to have a robust profile that can impress the panel of and HR as well in a single watch. So with the help of DraftOver you can strengthen your profile before you submit and create your final profile for jobs.
  • Agreements: not only for job aspirants, DraftOver help those also who are in a legal world where drafting a good agreement is a necessity. A good agreement can turn the table towards you can easily slay over that matter of discussion. So DraftOver has a great panel of knowledgable writers who can write and draft an appropriate agreement knowing the situation and case.

Process of Resume Writing:

It is very important for all the customer and website visitors to know the process of our work first before they purchase the pack or subscription of DraftOver. We have come up with an example and process of service we offer and that service is Resume Writing. We hope with the detailed process you can get an outline that how we work and why the outputs are so flawless.

The process starts like this:

  1. Tell and discuss your query: the most initial step is to raise your questions related to the Resume through mails and calls that when it will be completed how much is needed and all of such questions.
  2. Buy the pack: after clearing all the queries about the resume drafting, you’ll have to buy a pack so that you can have your desired resume. The payment process can be done via every online and digital banking media.
  3. Chose the desired style of the resume: the next process is choosing the desired format of resume in which you are wanting to get the resume.
  4. Writers are assigned: according to your format and demand, writers will be assigned work so that it can be done as soon as possible.
  5. Mail all the details: we need your details now. All the details you can easily mail us along with the images of yours and also passport details as well so that the resume can be perfect and strong.
  6. The first draft will be delivered: after the completion of the first draft, it will be mailed to you so that it can be checked by you once.
  7. Feedback with some changes if there are some: after you check the draft, you can send us some feedback if there are any mistakes if any and if there are not then it will be finalized here only.
  8. Final delivery of complete draft: after the final editing it is confirmed and after proper confirmation, the final draft is mailed to you.

Service packs which you can buy:

Hope with the above-mentioned content, you can get the proper process of how DraftOver work and if you are convinced then you might be wondering about the packages we offer. So the packages related to the services are listed below, do take a look:

  • If you want a text resume, you’ll have to pay Rs. 599
  • If you want an infographic resume, you’ll have to pay an amount of Rs. 1099
  • If you want a cover letter separately, you’ll have to pay Rs. 235
  • If you want to give a makeover to your LinkedIn profile, you’ll have to pay an amount of Rs. 499
  • There is a combo that offers text resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn makeover, and this combo you can purchase at only Rs. 1199
  • Another combo which constitutes infographic resume, graphic resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn makeover, and this combo costs around Rs. 1699

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