The Best Ha Long Bay Tours for All

The Best Ha Long Bay Tours for All

Ha Long Bay is a UNESCO World Heritage Site famous for its marvelous scenery. There are many ways you can enjoy this site and save it in your pocket. It is one experience you must include in your Vietnam holiday packages as it can be experienced in more than one way and cater to different types of travelers.

Ha Long is a charming Bay with a cluster of 2000 islands of different sizes and shapes situated in northeast Vietnam to the west of the Gulf of Tonkin. You may visit the BaiTu Long Bay to the north or the Lan Ha Bay to the south of the Ha Long Bay while traveling to Ha Long Bay. All of these bays have similar geography, culture, and climate.

If you plan to visit Ha Long Bay, the best time is from September to November and from March to May when the weather is dry and pleasant, and you can do most of the activities. If you travel between May and September, which is a low season, you may be benefitted from one of the many Vietnam holiday deals.

The Ha Long Bay is best suited for the following travelers:

  • Make your honeymoon more romantic

Make your honeymoon more romantic

The Ha Long Bay can be enjoyed either in two days, 2D1N (2 Days 1 Night), which is much preferred by travelers or you may extend the nights to 3D2N or 4N3D and engage yourself in activities like enjoying a BBQ lunch on a mesmerizing private beach or go fishing with the locals.

  • Private Cruise

Since this is the most special occasion in your life, you must go for the best option available. IndochinaJunk is the best tour company out of all and has been recommended by Tripadvisor as well. You must include it in your Vietnam holiday packages for a wonderfully luxurious experience. The best option to go for is the 2D1N tour on the L’Amour charter Junk. It offers a fantastic view outside the en-suite room window and also be lucky to view water puppet shows and ride on a boat to the Vung Vieng fishing village.

  • Shared Cruise

Shared Cruise

If you are fond of meeting people while you are on your travel, this is the option to choose. The Dragon’s Pearl Junk is a shared cruise and has the same schedule as that of L’Amour Junk.

Another cruise option that is suitable for the honeymooners is ‘Bhaya’ that provides a unique package on their classic cruise. However, they take you to Lan Ha Bay for an overnight experience and return the next day. One trip is another cruise company that offers tours to Ha Long Bay.

  • Are you a relaxed traveler?

When you wish to relax on your vacation, then a 3D2N tour will be best suited for you. Both Indochina and Bhaya offer these tours, and you can enjoy the activities as suggested by them. For a bit of hiking, fruit carving demonstrations, and traditional Vietnamese cooking, Bhaya is the right option. One trip can offer a private guide who can as per his knowledge, take you to the untouched and unexplored places.

  • For the entire family!

trip For the entire family

You will always want to do this tour with your family. When traveling with your family, it is essential to look for the right accommodation and schedule. It is one of the ideal family tours for your Vietnam holiday packages.

  • Paloma Private Cruise

Providing four-star luxury services, the 2D1NFamily Executive Suite Cruise by Paloma can accommodate three adults and a child and is the best option for a family.

Shared Treasure Junk

If you are looking for a shared cruise, you can go for the connecting cabin in the Treasure Junk. The entire family can enjoy the huge sundeck on the boat whenever the family wishes.

  • One for the Backpackers


A 3D2N package to the Lan Ha Bay is the best option if you are a solo traveler as one night does not suffice for this beautiful island. On the first day of arrival on the island, get involved in various activities like cruising through the scenic bay, kayaking and jumping over the cliffs. On your second day, travel to the Lan Ha Bay and a distant village enjoying cycling and trekking in the jungle. The last day is a slow one when you can enjoy swimming or kayaking before departing back. This tour is truly one of the best to be included in the Vietnam holiday packages.

  • For the true Budget traveler

If you have a tight budget and do not want to spend too much, it is advisable to contact your tour consultant, who will suggest a tour accordingly. They will be able to provide the best Vietnam holiday deals on the 2D1N, 3D2n, and 4D3N tours. One of the trusted, The Sinh Tourist, offers a 2D1N package at a reasonable price depending upon the ship type that you choose.

  • For the adventurous traveler

adventurous traveler

Ha Long Bay is known for its beauty and the exceptional caves on the islets. The bay also offers many activities like trekking, kayaking, yoga on the beach or climbing. You can experience all the activities while traveling to the Lan Ha Bay. Make your way to the Cat Ba Island from where the Asia Outdoor Company will take over and assist you with all the activities that you wish to do. The ideal tour is the 2D1N, which combines both seafarer excursions and real adventures.

Ha Long Bay Tours are an enjoyable experience whatever tour you may choose. Depending upon your interests, you can choose to select the tour that will be a long-lasting and memorable tour for you. Do remember to include one of the tours above on your Vietnam Holiday packages. 

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