The Common Basic Skills In Basketball

The Common Basic Skills In Basketball

Basketball is one of the major sports in the world. Though majorly popular in the United States, basketball is spreading worldwide. Many young talents want to play this game. They practice in villages and small basketball courts to improve their skills. What skills will they employ to reach the pinnacle of their careers? 

Like every other game, if you want to play basketball, you must have the skill and be able to understand the rules of the game. It is necessary to develop your talent with the correct information in mind. Check the MLB picks today before we dive in. 

Here are some of the basic skills you will need to thrive as a basketball player.

Do you need to know dribbling?

Yes, dribbling is an essential skill that every basketball player should have. When playing offensively against your opponents, you must make moves that maintain the game’s flow. You have to dribble past your opponent before giving a pass to your teammate. 

Dribbling enables you to allow your teammates to spread in the right positions before receiving a pass. Similarly, it allows the opposing players to come to mark you closely while leaving your teammates free to receive the ball from you. 

If you dribble well, maintain possession and pass the ball to your teammate, your team dominates the game. Some players may not necessarily be good at dribbling, such as those playing a defensive role. 

However, knowing how to dribble gives you an upper hand to regularly feature for your team. This is what makes spectators glued to the game.

Do you need to shoot in basketball?

One may wonder if shooting is a basketball skill. Yes, shooting is a vital skill that contributes to the beauty of basketball. If you are a basketball player, you need to perfect this skill. This skill will keep you in the starting lineup. Shooting enables you to create enough space on the pitch. 

It makes players of the opposing team keep an eye on you since you can score from any position. Shooting is what allows you to score from a distance and earn points. Sometimes in difficult games, scoring chances are minimal. 

When players shoot from a distance, they utilize that rare skill to make their teams win. Major NBA stars such as Michael Jordan, LeBron James, and Larry Bird used this skill to earn points and win games. 

If you want to be a versatile basketballer, you have to utilize rare opportunities. This will keep you in the starting lineups and earn your team top performances.

Defensive skills

Nothing counts in a game more than the ability to defend well, especially when leading. It is important to score, but maintaining the lead to win the game matters most. As a basketball player, you must have the requisite defensive skills to stop opposing teams from scoring. 

The most common way to defend is to block the opponent’s shot attempts to keep your territory safe. This defensive skill helps your team not to concede many field goals. Keeping your eye on the ball when the opponent is dribbling is also necessary. 

You can easily snatch the ball away from the opponent when they lose concentration. Snatching the ball away helps regain possession and gives your team an advantage to attack. 

Nevertheless, jumping high to block shots is critical in defending. Many shots are blocked when a player jumps high in front of the opposing player. You need to master this defensive skill to maintain winning positions.

Offensive skills

When you are offensive, you reduce the chances of attack from the opponent. To score more points, you have to be offensive and threaten the opposing team’s defense. You need to master dribbling to be a good offensive player. 

When you dribble past your opponents, you keep them on their toes and reduce their ability to attack. The next thing that matters in offense is to pass to your teammates while creating space. The smooth flow of the game enables you to shoot and score. Footworks are also an integral part of attacking. 

You need to keep your feet in a stable position and use them to confuse the opponent while dribbling or passing. Most players that are good offensively can dribble, pass and shoot. These qualities will keep you at the top of your game and make your coach count on you every time.

Other additional skills in basketball

Fitness might not be a defined skill, but you must be physically fit for you to run up and down. You have to be in good shape to brave the game’s dynamics and win duels over your opponents. 

Your aerial ability will determine whether you lose the ball or win it. It will also determine scoring and conceding. Most coaches prefer players with good aerial ability and stamina to withstand opposing players. 

Stability on the ground is an important skill that will keep you on your feet against strong opponents. This skill is needed more when setting ball screens where your feet need to be stable and firm on the ground. Practicing these skills makes you improve over time and become a complete player. 

You will not acquire these skills in a day, but if you are a budding basketball player, you should start the practice. Practice with friends and work out in a gym. You need to keep fit and focus on the game.


Basketball is an interesting game that continues to earn international recognition. Many professional players have made it to the peaks of their careers. It is a game that is defined by passion. 

When you are looking forward to being a professional basketball player, you have to master the basic skills that will enable you to achieve your dreams. Everything is possible when you give it your best.  Now that you know the basic skills needed to become a professional basketball player, it is time to take your game to the next level. These skills will help you earn a starting position on any team. Remember to keep practicing and focus on the game. Nothing should come between you and your dreams.

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