Unbreakable Plastic Levers for Dirt Bikes

The Major Benefits of Unbreakable Plastic Levers for Dirt Bikes

Dirt bike enthusiasts around the world know the importance and advantages of plastic brake levers. These unbreakable levers were manufactured with the sole purpose of making motocross racing safer and more hassle-free than ever before. Moreover, these plastic levers can enhance the performance, aesthetic appeal, and durability of your bike without putting a major dent in your wallet.

In recent years, these unbreakable levers have gained great popularity among off-road bikers around the world. The world of off-road biking, as we all know, can be perilous, taxing, and prone to accidents. By its very definition, off-road biking involves taking your two-wheeler out and riding it on forested paths and unpaved and uneven roads, which can lead to accidents.

The Dangers Associated with Off-Road Biking

It is not unusual for bikers to be involved in crashes when riding on an obstacle-filled track or participating in a race. Speeding down an unpaved road is never safe, especially when that path (or race-track) is full of obstacles meant to trip you over as you ride. And one of the major challenges that off-road bikers have always faced is the need to frequently replace the broken clutch and brake levers of their vehicles.

Not only is it costly to repair broken clutch and brake levers every few months, it is also quite dangerous. That is to say, if your brake lever snaps or gets displaced in the middle of the race, you could easily lose control of your vehicle and get involved in a major crash, injuring yourself as well as other participants. The problem is compounded if the lever snaps or breaks when you’re on an off-road journey, far from home or from a bike repair shop.

The Role of Unbreakable Levers

Unbreakable levers, made from a special type of plastic composite, were designed for the purpose of helping off-road bikers overcome the problem of broken brake levers. These unbreakable levers are different from the rest because they bend, rather than having multiple hinges and joints that can lead to snapping and breakage upon impact.

Even if an unbreakable lever (made from this special plastic composite known as Memlon, happens to get bent out of shape due to a major impact with the ground during a crash, this change in shape will not affect its performance during the race. Hence, the rider can complete the race (or the journey) with the same brake lever and then have it repaired once they reach home.

This reduces the risk of an off-road biker getting stranded in some remote area far from home because their brake lever snapped during a fall. Moreover, the presence of an unbreakable lever made from the material known as Memlon would also enhance the durability and overall performance of the bike.

With this amazing composite plastic lever installed, the biker can finally concentrate solely on the race (or the journey) without having to worry about a lever breaking away in the event of a sudden crash or accident.

Composite Plastic Levers for Dirt Bikes

As a material, this innovative composite plastic called Memlon offers exactly the right balance between strength and flexibility. It is resilient enough to withstand great impact and takes severe abuse over a number of years without sustaining any long-term damage. At the same time, it is also very flexible and easy to use and bends easily during crashes so as to avoid breakage.

To test these plastic lever made from Memlon, dirt bike experts bent it back and forth a number of times before attaching it to the bike. This bike was then taken out for a ride for the biker to determine if the bent brake lever was still functional. This field test found, as expected, that Memlon levers could be used even after being bent out of shape (and back) numerous times.

Developing the Ultimate Brake Levers

According to reports, thousands of dollars were spent on research, before these resilient plastic levers could be made. More than twenty-five different formulas were tried and discarded for the creation of the ultimate unbreakable lever. Hence, these unbreakable plastic levers are the result of years of research and developmental work, all focused on the creation and distribution of the perfect dirt bike unbreakable levers.

Just imagine all the ways in which having a truly unbreakable lever installed on your off-road bike can make your life easier, safer, and more convenient. These levers are also extremely low-maintenance and rarely need to be repaired or replaced. After all, if you’re involved in an accident and end up bending your brake lever, you can simply bend it back again until it regains its original shape, then keep riding. So smooth and efficient, it’s almost magic!

In Conclusion

Mentioned above are some of the reasons why you should replace the stock levers on your dirt bike and install a set of unbreakable levers instead. These levers, made from a special composite plastic known as Memlon, will improve your riding experience by making it smoother, safer, and completely hassle-free.

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