Things to Consider When Choosing a Generator

Things to Consider When Choosing a Generator

Today, undoubtedly generators have become an integral part of our lives. Everything we use as our mobile phones, computers, televisions, and vacuum runs on electricity. Thus even a 5-minute power cut can create a void in our lives.

A Portable generator can be very useful in this situation. The generator provides power protection and peace of mind for a family or business during a power outage or emergency situations.

There are many important features to keep in mind when buying a portable generator described below,

  1. Budget

Budget planning is important for any business as well as the home it allows you to choose effectively. Therefore, it is necessary to plan the budget so that the purchase of the generator and maintenance/repair does not interfere with the business.

  1. Power Required

You need to calculate your energy needs based on the machines and equipment used in the small shop. This step is necessary because it helps you choose the perfect generator that meets your energy needs. The energy requirement for a small house is less than 6 kW. If you want to run a workshop or factory with high power tools then standby generators are a better option.

  1. Resources

Everyone is analyzing the properties of the product before purchasing it. For the generator, look for features such as silent operation, automatic cooling, transfer switch, automatic voltage control, and automatic shutdown. The generator must have adequate safety devices to prevent accidents.

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  1. Services included

Besides the features, look for the warranties, accessories, and services offered with the generator. This includes power cable, oil, hopper, wheels, transfer switch, etc. It is also necessary to check the installation and maintenance costs as this increases the generator costs.

  1. Type of fuel

The generator uses fuels such as petroleum, gasoline, diesel, LPG and many others to generate electricity. Before you buy a portable generator, decide what type of generator you want to buy, depending on the fuel used.

Suitable Types of Generators for Home

Portable Generators

Portable Generators include compact generators that are suitable for transportation and occupy less space. They supply 3 kW to 8 kW of power. They run on gasoline, diesel, or gas. Mini generators are ideal for small shops.

Standby Generators

Standby generators, like their name, require permanent installation and constant monitoring. They are large and must, therefore, be installed outside the building. These generators supply power from 5 kW to 15 kW and run on petrol, diesel or LPG / CNG.

Generators Based on Size

Ask yourself, what size of generator do you need? Generators range from 1800 watts to generators powering throughout the home, capable of generating 20,000 watts or more to power an entire factory.

2000 watt generators

The 2000 watt generator class has the best prices and the smallest units. Most are gas-powered, but there are batteries that can be charged using the solar panel. They are the best for a small house and camping.

When it comes to reserving energy, it limits you to lamps, fans, and refrigerators, or other small appliances.

5000-watt generators

After moving on to the 5000W generator class, you get the power level you might find in the workplace. It is good to run multiple power appliances. In an emergency, you can turn on the refrigerator with lights, fans, and even an air conditioner for windows altogether.

7000-watt generators

In the 7000-watt generator class, you’re starting to lose portability. But with this class generator, you can operate many high capacity devices simultaneously. Lights and fans, air conditioners, television, and computers can be used simultaneously. Typically, you will find a 240 V connector as a standard.

Final Words

There’re a lot of portable generators and standby generators available in the market, however, it is advised to compare all of them thoroughly. The parameters which are listed above in this article will help you in buying the best generator for home and business.

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