Things to Keep in Mind Before Hiring a Roofer

Things to Keep in Mind Before Hiring a Roofer

The roof is the highest part of the house that protects everything that you hold dear – your family and your valuable possessions. Needless to say, your roof plays a huge role in keeping the water out and makes sure that you live safely and comfortably in your house.

However, with years of protection and vagaries of nature, your roof will start to show signs of problems that prevent them from reaching their maximum lifespan. According to expert roofers, you must maintain your roof time and again to ensure that it can live through its lifetime. If you have been neglecting your roof for some time and experiencing problems with it lately, then you would need help from professional roofing repair contractors.

However, without proper guidance, it can be difficult to find the right one among so many Los Angeles Roofer Services.

Therefore, in this article, we will share some important things that you need to keep in mind before hiring a roofing contractor.

Make sure they have a local physical office

When you are looking for roofing contractors online, make sure that your prospective roofers have an office in your location. A contractor that doesn’t have an office you can visit is a red flag. Ask for the contractor’s complete physical address and check if they have staff members and a full crew. If not, keep looking until you find someone who does.

Request for multiple quotes

When it comes to getting a roofing job done, it is crucial to get bids from at least three contractors. This is important for 2 reasons – it will give you an idea about the ongoing rate and help you find the one that offers maximum value for the price they are charging. Don’t do this in a rush and be disappointed later that you were overcharged. If you want to get the best value for your money, solicit multiple quotes and consider each one for the price along with other factors such as professionalism, communication, licenses, reviews, etc.

Review previous work or ask for samples

You will be able to get an insight into roofing contractor’s skill levels by asking for samples as well as references. When it comes to samples, ask them to show you pictures of their finished work. Most contractors have elaborate portfolios that they are happy to share.

Additionally, you can also ask them to share a list of references from their clients who they have worked for in the past. Try reaching out to these clients and ask them about the contractor’s professionalism as well as work ethic.

Make sure they have the licence and insurance

As per the Los Angeles state government, a roofing contractor must have a license to operate as a roofer. Additionally, they must also ensure all their workers to remove all financial obligation from their clients should something go wrong.

Licenses are important because licensed contractors are given one only after passing multiple tests, know the industry well, and have undergone formal training. Besides, the contractors who have license also have the insurance at the same time.

Read the client reviews

The internet is full of veritable information that helps you make an informed decision. If you are a homeowner looking for a roofer, then start by looking them up online. You can simply type the company name and add reviews to the search field. This will give you all the third-party review sites that share their experience with the roofer. Don’t forget to pay attention to the negative reviews and see how they handled the complaints. You can also check them out on Better Business Bureau as well to see if they have any pending complaints.


Roofing is a long-term job that shows signs of sustainability long after it is done. To ensure that the roof does its job correctly, the roofing company would have to provide annual maintenance and repairs. Since these things go on for years, you wouldn’t want to work with someone who doesn’t have the requisite experience. To be honest, it can take several years before a roofer becomes equipped to handle roofing problems adequately.

Therefore, you should look for a contractor who has been in the industry for at least a few years and as performed repair and maintenance work. They should know the industry’s best practices and tools to be able to deal with new-age roofs.

Choosing the right roofing contractor takes a bit of due diligence and work. So don’t leave this task for emergency situations when your roof is leaking and you need assistance immediately. Instead, take your time in calling these contractors and speaking with them personally, keeping all these factors in mind.

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