Identity Verification

Tightening Reins of Ride Sharing Industry with Identity Verification

The on-demand ride-sharing services and its infrastructure focuses primarily on the minimization of time and travel costs. Nevertheless, the safety of riders is disregarded by the service providers. Existing services authenticate the drivers using traditional identity verification methods which typically check the identity card and driving license. These proofs can easily be tempered, stolen, forged or misused by fake identities. Fraudsters could dodge the service providers with valid documents but that does not actually belong to that particular identity. This shows that only the verification of identity documents is not enough.

There is a dire need for performing background verification against sanction lists which include criminal records. To avoid compromising the security and safety of riders, background identity verification holds great importance. Fake identities try to dodge the trust of riders with fake social profiles and peer reviews. Ineffective methods of identity verification do not encounter these issues and result in a plethora of security concerns. A most intriguing technique to authenticate the drivers is biometric authorization. Using one or combination of a number of biological traits. Can help accurate verification of identities and could precisely differentiate between the real and fake one.

Biometric modalities include not only fingerprint scanning but also iris/retina scanning, face verification, and hand geometry. The unique traits of the human body separate individuals from others. This would make it viable to digitally verify the drivers and improve rider security respectively.

Face Verification – A Foremost Approach

Eliminating traditional identity verification methods with face verification is the best approach. As the driver of your company ultimately depicts the reputation of your company. Therefore, it is crucially important to take into account serious measures to thoroughly verify the identities. Screen your drivers with biometric identification solutions and make sure that no criminal is part of your legitimate business. Face verification is a feasible solution to curb the ventures of fraud that are directly or indirectly associated with your industry.

Before hiring the drivers, take in place the biometric authentication process. Run screening checks and keep a record of driver information into your database. Every time the rider starts a ride, conduct biometric verification through face verification to verify that the registered user is riding your customer. Real-time face verification makes it seamless both for driver and backend administration to authenticate and let the driver start driving. 2-factor authentication could also be a solution for real-time verification.

How face verification works?

Using artificial intelligence, face recognition technology figures out the facial patterns of the human body, map the geometry and spots the facial features. The same information that is pre-stored in the database is used to verify the real-time captured featured against it. Once both the information matches, it returns the status of verified otherwise reject the facial originals. Biometric authentication APIs are integrated with the ride-sharing system that verifies each onboarding customer.

How to Combat Spoofing in Face Verification?

What if drivers use a picture to spoof the face recognition system? Keeping in mind the possible dodging ways, face verification technology is developed that undergoes a liveness detection test. In this test, it is made sure that the identity is moving and is not static.  In this way, the system could not be fooled with a picture of the driver.

Here security that is a major concern of riders’ safety is solved. Real-time identity verification of drivers contributes to the safety of the riders and the reputation of your business. Now, without compromising security, seamless biometric verification is deepening its roots in the field of the ride-sharing industry.

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