Pack Your Kitchen for Moving

Tips to Help Pack Your Kitchen for Moving

When our family decided to move to Louisiana, it was very hard for us, especially in the kitchen. We knew that kitchen is the hardest room to pack. So, we think of packing our kitchen first and then the remaining rooms.

A kitchen indeed has small items like cupboards, drawers, and food items. All of these objects come in different shapes and sizes as compare to other rooms in the home. There is an option to donate some items, but a kitchen does not have much to donate or give away. So, in this article, we will discuss how to pack your kitchen before moving properly.

Boxes and Supplies

First of all, you need boxes of different sizes to pack things. You can easily buy them from various retailers who deal in moving vans and equipment. Furthermore, you can find them at home improvement centres. How many boxes you need depends on the size of your kitchen.

  • For lightweight, hard-to-pack items such as dish racks, appliances, plastic kitchenware, you need large boxes.
  • For small appliances, pots and pans, contents of drawers, silverware, cookbooks, you need medium boxes.
  • For fragile items such as glasses, wine, canisters, and stemware, you need heavy-duty boxes with thick walls. You can also use unprinted news-wrap paper to pack these items.
  • We will also recommend you purchase labels and tape to secure the boxes with proper labels.

Instructions for Packing

You should sort things out which you want to take with you and which you are leaving behind. So, check every drawer and cupboard to select the items you want to pack. Donate things that you are not going to take with you.

Essentials Box

You should sort essential things that you will need in the first two days, including cutlery, food items, dishes, dishtowel, cleaners, soap, etc.

Packing Materials

If you have a full family-sized kitchen, you should have all the packing materials to pack things as fast as possible. Sometimes, people use material as they need, which waste time.

Not Used Frequently

You should start packing items that you don’t use daily, such as wine glasses, mixing bowls, vases, food storage containers, small appliances, dish towels etc.

Pack Liquor and Wine

You should start packing liquor and wine early on in the process. Just keep those bottles that you want to open between the moving, and pack the rest. You should also pack food items that are still in bottles like cooking oils, vinegar etc. Also, You need to consider which items are worth moving as they will add weight and cost you more money. You should pack expensive items like balsamic vinegar, aged olive oil etc.

Pack Drawers and Shelves

Get rid of all the items that you no longer use. To make things easier, leave all the things you haven’t used in the last six months. If you do want to pack your cookbooks, then you should pack them flat. You should keep those books on the top that you use the most.

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