Wednesday , November 29 2023
Top 3 Expert Tips to Make Your Doors Look Unique and Elegant

Top 3 Expert Tips to Make Your Doors Look Unique and Elegant

If you are thinking that decorating a door is such a specific aspect and might be unnecessary, think again! It is the first thing that we see before even entering a house and it matters a lot how one is finally able to decorate and make their doors look. It does not have to be extravagant, even simple elements can be placed near the different doors of your house to give them the charm that they deserve. Another hack to this could be that the décor tips that are specific to such items in the house can easily be shifted and changed frequently which would spice and change the overall look of the whole room

Here are the 3 expert suggestion on door décor:

  1. Curtains – Yes, you heard it right – door curtains are the next new thing in town. Depending on the overall vibe of the room and the placement of the door, you can choose between the plethora of curtain styles, patterns, and textures. If you have a contemporary décor, choose the monochrome curtains to continue the effect. If you have vibrant colors in the bedroom, choose a colorful curtain shade. For the kids’ rooms, you can have printed curtains with flowers on them. Select the ones that would instantly uplift the room and make the room feel spacious and airy.
  2. Mats – These are not something new. Doormats have been used for ages for different doors in the house – the main entrance, the bathroom, balconies, and at times even the bedroom doors. There are several unique designs to choose from. For example – the front door can have a mat saying ‘hello /goodbye’; the patio can be decorated with longer and wider mats that would match the flooring; all the bathrooms of the house can have textured and absorbent mats that would instantly dry the feet and also feel good at the same time.
  3. Hangings – Wall hangings around the door bring the focus back to the door and the design. Appropriate lighting around it will also shift the focus and highlight what you aim to highlight in the house. One can also decorate the doors by adding personalized signs on them – as we so often see in TV series. A bunch of fairy lights surrounding the inside portion of the door, wall hangings right above or beside it, a lamp over the door that will illuminate the room as you enter, etc can be opted for. You could also choose to have a different wallpaper just near the door to give your room an exclusive look and feel.

These might seem very small aspects, but one look at the finished product is sure to leave you in awe. Have you ever noticed yourself complimenting someone’s interior décor? A well-highlighted door is also a huge part of the interiors these days. Curtains or mats can be swapped between rooms regularly. You can also choose to keep different options in the storage units and switch them once or twice a year or during festivals. Have your room look fresh and new with these different options that might not take much of your time or money. Enjoy the look of the house and the door to the fullest!

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