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Top 5 Criminal Lawyers In Kochi

Top 5 Criminal Lawyers In Kochi

There are many talented lawyers in Kochi who can present their best while attending criminal cases. Handling a criminal case needs high expertise or years of experience. It is the intelligence and talent of the best observation of a criminal lawyer which makes him win a case. While selecting a criminal lawyer for your case, you must ensure that he/she has relevant experience in the field and a proven track record of winning cases. There are many Criminal/civil lawyers in Kochi who can appear for high court cases. They may have any legal firm or junior advocates who are also equally talented. Always look for professional legal firms in your city.

The criminal case intensity can vary and for example, you can be in the situation to prove your innocence or fighting for your rights. Whatever be the case, only a talented lawyer can make you win it with his talent. A professional lawyer will enquire about the whole details and incident in detail. Sometimes you are been charged for not actually violating the law and thus through efficient legitimation, a lawyer must find out the loopholes or prove the incidents is not against the law.

For understanding the presentation of the client’s case ensure a win in a trial hearing. A criminal lawyer can take the role of a defense or prosecution side. The years of experience of a lawyer always get reflected in their case presentation. Always go for a lawyer who has expertise handling various criminal cases both as defense and prosecution. As when acting as a prosecutor he/she can know the ways how a defense lawyer opposes.

Below given are the lists of talented and preferred top 5 criminal lawyers in Kochi.

1. John Mani V & Associates

An independent and dedicated litigation firm providing legal services to both domestic and international clients. The law firm was started in 2007 and still delivers the best litigation services to individuals, multinational companies and other corporates.

2. Law Desk India

A well- established, reputed and skilled law firm in Kochi. They present good teamwork and works together with other law firms too to serve major clients.

3. Advocate Georgie Simon

A leading advocate in the district court of Ernakulam who specializes in various fields of law since 2001. He is one of the top criminal advocates who practice with a result-oriented approach.

4. Brands & Bonds

It is a reputed law firm based in Kochi offering top litigation services in various fields.

5. Biz & Legis

Serving both national and international clients, this legal firm in Kochi has a well-proven track record of winning cases

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