Top Destinations for Birthday Trips

Did you think of coming out of the traditional birthday home celebrations and find the perfect destinations to make your birthday memories? You have many options in the world, the whole earth is yours. I celebrated my birthday during my Summer vacations in Morocco and still remember those lucky moments to be there. Would you believe cutting a cake and having a cool lunch in the air flying on the glamorous city of Marrakech? We did that and had a wonderful experience. I recommend you must have experience of hot air Baloon in Marrakech along with a lot of other activities you can have on your special birthday. Let’s discuss.

What other you can do on your Birthday in Marrakech?

You know what? I cut the cake in an air balloon in Marrakech and had a wonderful lunch there. So there is an opportunity to fly your own way. This is a luxury to fly in the airs of Marrakech with your partner and celebrate your birthday your own way. There we witness the amazing ariel views of exotic Marrakech. In Marrakech, you would have many spots you will find the opportunity of flying in Baloon. Have experience of Breakfast or lunch in the air. It will get you an amazingly unique experience. But yes, if you are not into the adventurous type of things, Marrakech offers you the opportunities in celebrating your birthday in the cafes in town. You know, if you have friends in Marrakech, you can be surprised by them too.

One night in Marrakech, my traveler friends in Marrakech surprised me with the surprise birthday party I didn’t expect. It means We enjoyed even a single moment in Marrakech. What I’m more interested to tell you is a ride in a Sidecar.

What is sidecar? I didn’t really expect it from my partner. He arranged a sidecar from somewhere in Marrakech. We were just reached in our Hotel, people call it Riad there, put our luggage and got fresh, taken some food and then set out to explore the city in this unique car.  I was sitting on the side seat of the tricycle people use there, we roamed a city like this and that was an opportunity to whoop around with full energies. We ate a lot of traditional foods there and had a bulk of memories when we were back at home after our Birthday trip. That went prolonged because that was my own wonderful experience. Other destinations are also there where you can have perfect moments in your life with your partner. What about Phillippines?

Plan a Birthday at Palawan, Philippines

Do you know the Philippines have at least seven thousand beautiful Islands? Yes, you may have a lot of birthday celebration opportunities there but what I’m telling you is in my consideration. Palawan is the world’s beautiful Island believe me. This destination will take you to some other world and will make your birthday more special. What a heaven on earth I must say. What will you feel basking o the white sands beaches? Search for the tickets and grab the opportunity to have your beautiful days there. If you want more fun? Let’s have the other option.

Oceania in Palau is the other destination near the Philippines

You must ask what is special in this destination? Yes, you are right. First, know that this place exists near the Philippines and really a wonderful place. What is special is that it is an independent small Island on earth gathers hundreds of tourists the whole year. There are most wonderful landscapes, exotic green woods to take the fresh breath in and the luxurious opportunities to pass your best romantic time there. Now listen. If you are there to celebrate your birthday, you are not the only one. People from around the world come here and celebrate their happy moments here. You will surely be enjoying your moments there.

Take the opportunity to get at Santorini Island in Greece

It is one of the top best destinations on earth for the vacations. You are there for celebrating your birthday, so you are at the luckiest place you will acknowledge it being there. In Greece, Santorini is only the name in Greece the tourists from all around the world get inspired and want to visit the place again and again.

There are the best views of the beautiful ocean, the calmest beaches to bask on and take the relaxing hours. On your birthday, if you are interested, you can have the opportunity of Scuba Diving in Santorini waters. You will find the best arrangements for your birthday celebrations in the cafes or hotels in Santorini, Greece. If you are planning, don’t delay, book yourself and family to have a wonderful time in Santorini Island, Greece.

You have a lot of opportunities on this beautiful earth to celebrate your special birthday in a more special way. What I shared were my experience and research. Looking forward to your feedback based on your experiences. Where did you celebrate your last birthday?

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