Traditions gathered in a jar of Lutenitza

The traditional Bulgarian lutenitza is a true work of art. In fact, if you don’t know briefly what lutenitza is, we’ll tell you. This is a type of vegetable salad whose roots you will find in small Bulgaria. Usually, the taste is intense but unobtrusive. The preparation of the Lutenitza includes products such as red peppers, onions, carrots, spices, eggplant, and tomatoes. All the above items are washed and cleaned well. Then the peppers are baked and peeled, and then you add the ground tomatoes.

The aim is to achieve a homogeneous mixture that is placed in a large container. Then fry with oil and spices, stirring constantly. A few hours of confusion and you have the so-called lutenitza! It sounds simple, but the craftsmanship is required to achieve the incredible taste we provide you with just a few clicks. No shopping around to find the best products, without standing in front of the stove and effortlessly!

The lutenitza from the store is not inferior to anything you can cook at home. This is due to the tried and tested recipe that has been kept for years to get the best taste! There are several types of lutenitza, and they are traditional, finely ground and coarsely ground. Your choice depends entirely on the preferences of you and your family.

If you still have any concerns about the product, we’ll be quick to tell you the good news. Sunflower oil, not rapeseed oil, is used in all the lutenitzas we offer. This is necessary to know because only our lutenitza uses quality Bulgarian products, which have no analog anywhere in the world. Also, be aware that our lutenitza is made entirely from Bulgarian tomatoes and peppers, not from mashed potatoes, which are famous as their substitutes. Everything we offer is tested in laboratories to prove its origin and quality.

If you are a “rookie” in the use of this product, we will give you a few ideas that we guarantee will be extremely useful. Have you and your children got tired of everyday pancakes or ham and cheese sandwiches? Bake a few slices in the toaster, spread a very thick layer of lutenitza and garnish with another typical Bulgarian product – cheese! Two simple steps leading to true perfection. There is no better start to the day with hot bread and incredibly delicious Bulgarian lutenitza!

Have a lunch break or want to add something new to your family’s lunch menu! Beauty lies in simple things. The lutenitza are the perfect side dish for everything – fried potatoes, grilled meat or even beans! It is light and pleasant, without intruding on its taste, it is there and waiting for you to enjoy because it is an incredible addition to even the most pretentious eating.

Of course, it is time for dinner. You can try the traditional Bulgarian bean and lutenitza salad along with the rakia because both things go hand in hand. We immerse you in the Bulgarian traditions that have become an integral part of the everyday life of the Bulgarian.

In a small jar you find a piece of the summer that will bring back memories of past glorious times. We are aware of the responsibility we take on to you in offering various Bulgarian products. We do not compromise on the quality that reaches you. We choose the best and that does not give way to the taste of everything homemade.

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