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Vegetable Gardening at Home

Vegetable Gardening at Home: Some Tips and Tricks

Vegetables are supposed to provide us with all the vital nutrients required for our body. However, in recent times it is doing us more harm than good. Most of the vegetables and fruits bought from local shops are treated with chemicals for a prolonged shelf life. This is one main reason for the increasing cancer rates in India.

One best way to tackle this problem is by cultivating our own vegetables at home. This will pave the way for organic and healthy eating, which will protect us from a lot of health risks. Vegetable gardening has become a new trend and there are a lot of ways to learn this art.There are also vegetable gardening planner apps which provide expert guidance for gardening at home.

Here are some tips and tricks for vegetable gardening at home. Let’s go organic!

Research and Learn

The interest in gardening alone does not make a person a pro at it. There are a lot of courses offered by online platforms, which gives a deeper knowledge on vegetable gardening. A lot of videos and blogs intended for beginners are put up by experts in public forums. Proper research and knowledge would help a beginner understand the soil type of their home gardens and the types of vegetables that can be grown in it. It also helps them to decide on the combinations of fertilizers to be used.

Develop a Real Plan

The very first step for developing a proper garden is to have a plan. It is important to have an idea of the size and shape of the garden. This will help in deciding on the number of crops that can be planted. The types of crops that can be planted should also be based on the properties of the soil.

Every region has different plant seasons based on their weather and the plants have their preferences too. The combinations of crops that can be planted should be based on this. The various types of compost and worm casting also should be planned well ahead in time.

A proper plan and its execution help in having a successful vegetable farm at home. There are many way to do this including the using of vegetable gardener planner apps

 Slow and Steady Makes You a Pro

Even though vegetable gardening can look easy, a lot of work has to go in. It is an experience that has to be gained over time.  So it is always wise to start small. Try to plant two or three vegetables in the beginning to fully understand the process.  Keep notes on the things that worked and those that had to be reworked on.

The same goes with investing in new equipment. There are a lot of gardening accessories available in the market. However, its uses change according to the comfort of a person. For instance, a hand glove would be a distraction for some and a necessity for others.  Therefore it is important to know your requirement before accumulating unnecessary equipment.

Food Wastes are the Best Fertilisers

Soil must be rich in nutrition in order to be productive. The quality of a crop varies according to the quality of the soil. Soil deficiencies can be improved using organic alternatives. Kitchen wastes are the best option for going organic. They consist of all the vitamins and minerals needed for soil. Some of them are:

1.       Rice Water

 It consists of starch which is highly beneficial for growth of plants.  There are traces of nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus in rice water. This encourages the growth of nutritional growth of bacteria in the roots.

2.       Shells

Egg shells and oyster shells consist of calcium which is a requirement for healthy cell walls in plants. Oyster cells also help in the balance of pH levels in soil and improve nitrate uptake.

3.       Tea Leaves and Coffee Grounds

Tea leaves consist of the three important nutrients, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium along with the traces of minerals. It can be used for plants like roses and tomatoes which have an affinity for acids.

Coffee grounds on the other hand neutralizes with the pH of the soil as it decomposes. It also adds the benefit of nitrogen and minerals to the soil.


Things Can Go Wrong and It is Acceptable It is important to know that vegetable gardening is not an easy task. A lot of things can go wrong and it’s completely normal. Experiences are the best teacher and it is important not to lose hope. If done right, there is nothing better than the joy of cultivating the vegetables at home itself, according to one’s need.

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