Wall Colours For Home With A Calming Influence

Colours are an integral part of our lives. Consciously or unconsciously, our minds, emotions and moods are greatly influenced by the colours around us. Similarly, wall colours for home with a calming influence must be chosen if you want to take your anxiety levels down or just as per your preferences. Wall colouring is one of the most important steps while setting up a personal or professional space.

Vibrant and loud colours seldom provide your room that soothing effect that you might be looking for. Keeping in mind the latest trends and not compromising with the overall calming effect, here are some of the wall colours that you can go for if you’re planning to fill your space with peace and tranquillize your home.


One can never go wrong with blues. If you are a peace lover and desire a tranquil effect for your home, you can choose from various shades of blue. The softer shades of blue give a tinge of sophistication. You can also try pastel blue to provide both an energetic feel along with the mesmerizing soothing effect, rather than going for a bright red.


In the same category of cool colours, green and its shades give an apt balance of vibrant yellow and refreshing blue. Tints of light green give an instant effect of abundance and freshness. It is a playful and tricky colour to go for. The right shade of green can be very pleasing to the eyes, like beautiful sea green. Even the muted tones of leaf green can be a great option for painting a bedroom.


Pleasing and soft tones of violet are becoming increasingly popular as wall colours for your home. It has both sophistication and edge to it. Painting your walls with lilac, lavender, or even a pinkish shade of violet can be a fresh change at your home. Don’t go for a very bright violet with more intensity of red in it as it can make your space boxy and small. Softer shades of violet can be used to paint all the walls of a room, whereas a darker shade will only suit one main wall of the room.


Grey is a very new and contemporary colour to go for. It has quickly become a fad to give your home an instant urban look. Lighter tones of grey are versatile colouring options. With a warm undertone to it, light grey is suitable for bedrooms as well as living rooms. Just like purple, grey is a classic colour to enhance the calming quality of your place of distress.


Beige, tan, off white and lighter browns come in the warm colour family, but they can be a great choice to make your home cosy and peaceful. Beige when paired with light coloured furniture and the same

neutral tones automatically amp up your room, giving it a homely and personal vibe.

Finding the right wall colours for home with a calming influence is not a difficult task. You just need to choose the subdued shades of preferably cool colours, and you’ll be good to go. British Paints provides you with a wide variety of colours to choose from, free colour consultancy to help you achieve your dream home makeover.

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