Wednesday , September 29 2021
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We Will See These Trends In 2021

The new trends of the coming year are always announced in the summer. In this blog we already announced the trends of this autumn, but in today’s blog we look even further ahead. I will discuss four major trends for 2021. Some trends we have already seen emerging in 2020, while others are new. Get inspired for the new year!


That sustainability will be a trend in 2021 will come as no surprise to many people. Sustainability is becoming more important every year and this is also reflected in the interior. Gradually, people are increasingly opting for natural and recycled furniture and accessories. People also more often opt for furniture that is timeless and that lasts a long time. Many interior brands are also responding to this trend. You can easily implement this trend by choosing LED lamps instead of incandescent lamps. Or you can refurbish old furniture.

Nature at home

The trend of nature already played a major role in 2020. Just look around you. Everywhere you see interiors with natural materials such as jute, rattan and wood. As far as wood is concerned, in 2021 we will mainly see light woods. We are also seeing more and more natural tones on the walls. You can also think of house plants, dried flowers and pampas plumes. You can go in all kinds of directions with this trend. You can buy dried flowers at Bloompost or send them to friends and family as letterbox flowers.

Brave Ground

This trend is in line with the natural trend. This year Brave Ground was named the Flexa color of the year. This is a brown, neutral color that radiates warmth. It is a color that is perfect as a base for your interior. Heleen van Gent, Creative Director of the Flexa ColorLab: “When times change and the world feels uncertain, we want to feel the ground beneath our feet. We seek comfort in the reliability of simple things that surround us: the resilience of nature ; the trustworthiness of the earth; the sanctuary of our houses.” Because the color is neutral, it is easy to combine with other colors.

Soft materials and round shapes

Due to the coronavirus, we are at home a lot. We need security, comfort and cosiness. As a result, people are increasingly opting for soft materials and furniture with round shapes. Think of a wonderfully soft, long-pile rug, a nice plaid on the couch that you can wrap around you or a sheepskin on the chair. The clean lines are replaced by soft lines and round shapes. With this trend you make your home completely cozy.

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