What are Drink and Drive? What is the limit of alcohol to drive the vehicle?

Drink and drive is a criminal law in most of the countries. However, there are many countries where road accidents and pedestrian collisions occur due to drink and drive. There is always a legal limit to drink before going to drive your vehicle. If you cross that limit then you are breaking the law and you may be punished if caught by law enforcement. Drink and drive is the root cause of the various type of accidents. A drunk person if drive vehicle, he might hit other vehicles and pedestrian. This can also cause a threat to their life.
Unfortunately, if you re involved in an accident, in which the other person or driver was drunk and hit you or your vehicle you can claim compensation against him.

In developed countries, such as the US, UK, and Canada, there is appropriate law which defines a limit for every person’s right. If you exceed your limits, you will be punished by law enforcement. Furthermore, in the drink and drive case, you are not breaking the law, you are also putting your life at risk. In edition, while drink and drive, you are also causing harm to other people nearby you.

Drink and Drive limit?

According to a survey in the US, the change of road accident becomes high, if the driver has 80mg/100ml level of alcohol in the blood. So, the government of the UK introduced a limit of alcohol consumption before driving the vehicle. Every country has its own rules in term of law. Most of the countries have a different limit of alcohol in blood to drive the vehicle. In Scotland, the alcohol limit in blood is approx. 50mg/100ml. The road safety agencies suggested that lowering the alcohol limit can prevent more than two hundred and fifty injuries. Many of them are serious and causes a threat to life. That’s why; most of the countries are trying to lower the limit to prevent death and injuries.

There are also many countries in which according to rule, a person can’t drive his vehicle if he is drunk. If a driver has any amount of alcohol in his body, the government will not allow him to drive. These countries include Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Brazil, Barbados, Czech Republic, Hungry, Iraq, Iran, Netherland, Panama, and Russia. Many of the countries have zero tolerance for drink and drive. Some of these countries prohibit alcohol, whether to drive or not due to some religious and cultural reasons.

What to do if you are involved in an accident?

If unfortunately you are involved in an accident of drink and drive, you can claim compensation against the liable party. You should immediately call the police to secure the accident area. The culprit might also change the evidence and proofs. Police will secure the accident area and will make a charge sheet for breaking the law.

Medical attention should be your first priority. If you delay the medical attention, this will worsen your condition. If you delay the medical treatment due to your negligence, you might also lose the chance to claim compensation.
Even if the victim is wrong in this scenario, the driver who is drunk and driving will be punished as he is breaking the law and rules of the country.

To claim the compensation, you can seek the help of personal injury solicitor Bury. If you want to win a handsome amount, then you should hire experienced personal injury solicitor. A professional personal injury solicitor can help a victim in many ways. He can gather evidence of the occurrence of a road accident. He can also help to calculate the damage and injuries in the form of compensation.

The solicitor will also arrange meetings with an eyewitness to know more about the situation. Personal injury solicitor will send the liable party a legal notice for the court hearing. This process might take a year or two. After this time, you will get compensation according to your damage and suffering.

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