What Are Some of the Best Ways That Games Have Evolved?

The gaming industry has arguably evolved more than any other sector, and it is amazing to think that it has only been going for around four decades. Game developers have constantly had to innovate and improve their ideas as a way to keep players engaged and stop them from getting bored. It is incredibly hard to pinpoint all the best ways that games have evolved over the years. But there are some key areas that a lot of gamers would agree on.

Interactive NPCs

One of the most incredible advancements in gaming is the attention to detail from developers when it comes to characters existing in the game world. NPCs have become the lifeblood of open-world adventures, and they play a huge part in adding to the realism. In the early days of gaming, NPCs were two-dimensional and only had a limited number of things that they could do. This has all changed, though, and now NPCs have full schedules and can react to a vast range of external factors.

One of the most recent examples of a game with rich and detailed NPCs is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game from CD Projekt Red won a vast number of Game of The Year awards when it was released in 2015. Players were able to have in-depth conversations with other characters within the game world, and these interactions felt incredibly real.

Red Dead Redemption 2 also had extremely advanced NPCs. Some players even found that it was possible to follow characters around for the day as they went about their business. They were programmed to do a wide range of different tasks and acted almost in the same way as real people would. They were also able to react to different situations that occurred around them, such as gunfights and horse chases.

Incredible Number of Ways to Win on Slots

The evolution of slots has been quite remarkable, and the offerings online today are millions of miles apart from the machines that kick-started the genre. Slots were well-established before the days of computers and the internet, but the playing numbers for these games have skyrocketed in the last twenty years since moving online.

Because slots are so popular and prevalent, developers constantly have to search for original ways to keep them fresh. This is also a key strategy for online casino operators when it comes to attracting players. The sites that have the newest and hottest titles are going to be able to steal players away from their rivals.

This has been seen at Royal Panda in recent times, as the site has jumped on the latest major trend in the slots market. This is the brand new Megaways engine, which gives players an astonishing 117,649 ways to win. This can be considered one of the biggest innovations ever, seeing as early slots only had one win line. One of the top games at the site right now is Royal Panda Branded Megaways. In this sense, slots are proven to be able to adapt to new technological advances, and we do not expect this trend to stop.

Decision-Based Outcomes

Games have always come with choices, and developers have realized that the ability to select options is something that a lot of gamers desire. In more recent games, decision-making has become a pivotal facet. Indeed, there are numerous games in which the player’s decision has a huge impact on how the rest of the game plays out.

One of the most memorable games for decision-making that could be considered a turning point was Heavy Rain from Quantic Dream. There were numerous possible endings to the game which depended on what the player did throughout their journey. The horror offering, Until Dawn, also had a wide number of crucial decision events that had major repercussions later on in the game. Indeed, players can end the game with any number of survivors depending on what they choose to do while playing.

Games have evolved in so many cool and astonishing ways over the years, and the titles on offer now are so much more engaging than those that came in the past. It is exciting to think about how developers will innovate and improve games even more in the future.

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