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What are the Best Credit Cards for College Students?

In most cases, college students are not eligible to avail a credit card because they don’t have a steady source of income. Most financial institutions look for a steady source of income or a high credit score of 750 or more to deem an individual eligible to avail a credit card.

However, there are certain students credit cards that you can avail without any proof of income.

Benefits of these credit cards

To avail the best among these cards, make sure they come with the following features and benefits –

  • These cards do not require you to undergo lengthy documentation processes. Additionally, you can avail them without providing any proof of income.
  • By using this card, you can start building a credit score which can be useful for availing credits at competitive terms in the future. However, you must ensure that you use the card well to build a good credit score.
  • These cards provide incentives like discounts and cash backs that can help you to save a percentage from your expenses. Additionally, they also come with reward points which you can redeem to avail coupons from your card provider’s catalog.
  • With a student credit card, you can avail credits of up to Rs. 15,000 for five years. The low credit limit is beneficial for students as it helps them to keep their spending in check and avoid falling into a debt trap.
  • This credit card is of use for purposes like buying books, any education-related costs, and other personal expenses.
  • These cards come with minimal annual charges and joining fees, making them more affordable compared to other credit cards.

To avail the benefits of this card, you need to be a college student and above 18 years of age. Also, some issuers might require you to have an education loan attached to the credit card. So make sure you satisfy these eligibility criteria before you apply for the card.

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