What Are the Best Features That Every Payment Solution Should Possess?

What Are the Best Features That Every Payment Solution Should Possess?

There are many things that you used to buy in person that is now become online purchases. It is not stating that humans are lazy, but it’s much easier to carry and follow. There is no more need to carry a money purse wherever you go. OnlinePayment solution bridges the gap between your business’s financials and the customer’s financials during a transaction. Nowadays, many businesses going online are surging every month. The need of using online payment solutions has become more important than ever. Here are some best features that every payment solution should possess.

Authentication / Login layers

Every customer who does have an account should know that all their details are safe. Though users forget their login information, they should be confident enough about their personal information. Ensure you undergo several verification layers before restoring login information to get peace of mind. For instance, if you forget your password, your site should ask various security questions before emailing a pre-determined email address.

SSL certificate

Every payment solution needs an SSL certificate to protect customers’ personal and credit card information. It is nothing but a standard security technology that makes all data passed between a web server and a browser remain private. Without SSL, hackers can steal your information, and you might not feel safe submitting your information on any website. The website is secure when you see an “HTTPS://” at the beginning of the URL.

Credit card logos and security seals 

Ensure the provider adds credit card logos and security seals to their website to reassure that the site is secure. It also shows that it is a trusted place to do business. At least it should be visible in the shopping cart and checkout phases of your site. It can even be integrated into the footer of a specific website.

New age payment methods

Customer preferences are changing. We can see this with the exponential growth of new-age payment methods like Buy Now Pay Later and UPI payments. Customers love them for the convenience, their fast nature and ease with which they can complete the payments in seconds. Getting a payment solution that provides these payment methods easily in one go should be a top decision factor. 

Return and refund policy

You don’t get to physically look at or feel a product before you purchase it online in online shopping. It will make some people nervous and disincentivize them to buy. For this, you have to look for a return and refund policy made by a particular site. The provider should make it part of the checkout process and even put it in their website’s footer. The policy should be concise, informative, engaging, and easy to understand. Ensure whether you will get a refund or an in-store credit, and stipulate a timeframe for returns.


Turning audiences into paying subscribers is a key challenge when creating subscription products. Seamless recurring payments solutions enable you to set up an automated billing cycle for the consumers. It is ideal for businesses with monthly payment layouts. With this feature, you can collect recurring payments effortlessly with the opportunity to offer free trials to your customers. Also, you can secure an upfront fee and automate recurring payments in a single step. Depending on the usage, you can charge customers based on a fixed value or depending on the usage.

Mobile payments 

When it comes to payment solutions, buyers will buy on the desktop. They also buy on mobile. Every payment solution needs to be responsible and easy to navigate for mobile users. The mobile app also should carry additional functionality to process payments on iOS and Android.

Confirmation Email 

Confirmation Email is essential after every payment process. It is essential to create a confirmation email that includes the order number, the product, payment and shipping information and your return and refund policy. It is also important to make the order confirmation page easy to print. By this, you can provide guest customers with the option to sign up for an account.

Developer-friendly SDKs

It is important to integrate a payment solution swiftly and securely. It is essential to use SDKs at one point or another. A software development kit helps the developer create robust applications with great functionality. SDK will improve the overall experience for a user. Selecting an appropriate payment gateway for you is essential since different developers have different preferences. It should offer solutions that cater to all types of varying requirements. The solution should build under native as well as hybrid frameworks.

Competitive pricing 

Pricing is one of the most important things for a business to consider. Every provider should be free of unnecessary hidden costs and expenditures. The term ‘free payment solution’ will surely ring a bell in your head, but have you ever thought they are a free payment solution? To know it is a free payment solution, you should thoroughly understand the charges that the payment solution provider incurs. When it comes to payment solutions, you can be sure to have a massive advantage of pricing.

The bottom line 

By checking for the features mentioned above, it will be easier to find the best payment solution. With the best features, you can have a hassle-free user experience.

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