When A Guy Initiates A Hug

What Does It Mean When A Guy Initiates A Hug?

We all have a male figure in our life whose real intentions we would always want to know. Isn’t it? If you have such one person in your life and you like them or want to know them, then you can guess it from the way they hug you. 

If a guy hugs you first then it probably means he is not scared of making the first move and proves that he is confident. When a man hugs you first it can mean a lot; so let’s dig deeper into this. 

  • If he hugs you around your waist 

If the guy who initiates a hug, hugs you around your waist then he is clearly trying to pull you closer to him. One can say it to be an intimate embrace by which he is trying to tell you that he is there for you. 

This also proves that the guy shares a strong bond with you and is looking for something more.

  • If he hugs you from behind

Hugs from behind are underrated yet they are very precious. If a guy hugs you from behind then it means that he is into you and he finds you more than an acquaintance. 

It also indicates that the person is protective towards you and he really cares for you.

  • The duration of the hug 

You need to notice the duration of the hug to find out how the guy feels about you. If a guy hugs you just for a second or two then it can surely mean that he is trying to make you feel better or it happened because of the situation. 

In case the guy hugs you longer than usual then it means that he is attracted towards you. In this case, you need to make sure that you notice where he wraps his arms. 

  • You both are friends

If a guy is your friend then he will hug you for a shorter duration and it will be less tight. It could be because he is about to leave and it was just a normal goodbye. 

Try to observe his behaviour with other people around him. Also, you will know that the hug was just as a friend because he will not hold his gaze towards you for too long.

  • Maybe the guy is sad

It could be the guy hugging you needs some kind of emotional support and to feel better he is hugging you. 

You will know this when you both are having a sad conversation and you will also notice that the guy could be crying, quivering, trembling his lower lips, or is slouching. It depends on the situation that he hugged you because he is sad.

  • Different culture

We live in a world where there are human beings who follow different cultures and traditions. Things that can be normal to us, would be weird for people of other cultures. 

If a guy hugs you and you want to know what his intentions are, then try to know his cultural background first. Verify if it is normal to hug the way he hugged you in their culture or not. This information will help you to see a clearer picture.

  • See his behaviour with other people

If you know a guy from a long time and he hugs you then try to observe his behaviour with other people. Try to understand if there is something that changed him or made him do so.

Because, if it’s a kind of change then he will do it with everyone. If he is hugging you particularly then try to observe the way he talks and does other things with you to know his true intentions.

Final words 

In conclusion, hugging someone can mean a lot. It is not only charming but also a romantic gesture that will tell you how the guy feels about you. It also shows that the person does not feel hesitant to show off his emotions towards you. 

In order to understand someone’s true intentions, it is vital to observe other things about that person before you come to any kind of conclusion.

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