Benefits of Eating Muesli

Five Benefits of Eating Muesli Everyday on Health

Muesli, one of the most discussed names among the Youth nowadays is a fibre-rich proteinous food item based on raw oats, that is mostly used as a brunch or breakfast.  

Muesli is a combination of every protein necessary for your growth, starting with toasted whole oats, nuts, fruit, dry fruits and wheat flakes. All it takes is a bowl full of muesli for a kick start to a healthy day.

It is Healthy

The most important benefit of switching to muesli is that it is healthy. Muesli helps in controlling cholesterol, also it has less sugar in it as compared to pastries and other sweets, so a bowl of muesli can even satisfy your sweet cravings without even affecting your health. 

Muesli even is extremely high in fibre which is very good for one’s digestive system, also it keeps your stomach full, so a good bowl of it and you are good to go. It also is high in energy hence it gives you that power pact start you need to your day

You can get creative with it

One of the best parts of Muesli is that it is extremely versatile, you can add almost any fruit or syrup you like and it goes well with it. Not just adding something but toasting some things or excluding some things from it makes it more exciting and more or less boring to eat. 

With Muesli you can have a variety of the same things, it will also stop you from eating anything else which can be much more fattening. You can also add a lot of extra protein to it by adding nuts or replacing plain milk with soya/ almond milk.

Trendy and Takeaway

Muesli is not just in trends because it’s or it’s healthy, it is also because in today’s time it is so much harder for anyone working to give enough time to their own healthy breakfast which can fulfil their needs. 

So muesli comes into the picture as a healthy, time-saving option. You can soak it overnight in a jar with all the good stuff you like and wake up, get ready, and take it with you at work. People take note of that and it spreads like wildfire. No wonder it’s in ‘trend’

Good the heart & digestive system

An amazing fact about Muesli is that it takes a lot of time to digest as it contains raw oats which contain a lot of starch. As this starch is broken down in your stomach, it releases digestive acids that suppress your appetite and helps your metabolism to speed up so you will burn more calories in less time. 

Isn’t that amazing news? It’s no surprise how easy it can be to maintain our weight with Muesli. Muesli is also extremely good for your heart too, it contains an oat fibre called beta-glucan which is believed to reduce cholesterol by 10%, which is even more beneficial if you continue eating it every single day. 

Also, it’s easier to digest as it usually is consumed after soaking it for some time which lets the antinutrients fade away but also lets the nutrients be absorbed very well to your body.

Better eyes and bones

With the coming of new ages, it’s getting harder to maintain good eyesight with all the technology going on here and there. However, Muesli is a great option for some who wants to maintain better eyesight with the help of diet.

It is packed with sunflower nuts and grains which are a great source for vitamins and minerals. Flax and dried fruits are great sources of antioxidants which are necessary for better sight. 

Also, it contains Omega 3 fatty acids which are known for reducing the chances of cataracts and cloudiness of the eye. We all are aware of how bone density deteriorates which age and how calcium is so important for our bones to remain healthy. 

Muesli is also rich in calcium and iron which helps make our bones stronger in the long run. Also adding milk to muesli gives us an extra dose of calcium content for our body.

So why not give a healthy start to a day, not only will it enrich our body but also give a meaningful full appetite for the rest of the day. Muesli is the best option if you are looking for a shift from oily junk to a healthy yet nutritious full meal.

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