What Every UK Migrant Must Know Before Moving to Lithuania

What Every UK Migrant Must Know Before Moving to Lithuania

Do you know where to find the oldest oak in Europe? Plan a trip to Lithuania, and ask for the Stelmuze Oak. But this post isn’t about trees but about moving to Lithuania as a UK migrant.

The country has incredible landscapes that make quite the attraction. Besides, many tourists argue that their wallets were not as distressed as when visiting more popular countries in the EU. You’d probably like a place like this with many fun places, a vibrant economy, and a hospitable populace.

However, Lithuania ranks sixth among the countries with the least number of immigrants. Should that be of concern to you as a UK immigrant? Maybe not because the UK government has a robust relationship with the Lithuanian authorities. Nevertheless, here are seven essential things every UK national should know before moving to Lithuania.

You Must Learn the Lithuanian Lietuviu Kalba

Just as the proof of proficiency in English is a requirement for entering the UK, Lithuania demands that anyone settling in their country know their official language, the Lithuanian Lietuviu Kalba. The language is one of the oldest worldwide and specific to the Baltic region. If you do not learn the Lithuanian language as an immigrant, you cannot work in the country. You had better enroll in a Lithuanian language class now.

No Covid 19 Entry Restrictions

Since the threat of the Covid 19 virus became global, the country enforced the isolation of all immigrants for a recommended period. Also, migrants had to show proof of vaccination for the virus or a result attesting that they are negative or healed. The Lithuanian government has recently relaxed all these protocols, so you won’t have to worry about them anymore.

You Need a National Visa

If you wish to visit Lithuania for business or tourism purposes, you do not need a visa to get into the country. According to information from the Republic of Lithuania to the United Kingdom, UK nationals can freely enter the country and remain for three to six months to conduct business or any legal activity. If you must stay any longer, you must obtain a national visa that corresponds to your purpose of visit.

There are several visa choices under the national permits. One is the student visa, which allows foreigners to study in the country. Among the requirements for this is having an admission offer from any of its institutions. That institution must submit a mediation letter on your behalf before you pay a statutory fee.

Lecturers, teachers, and researchers with employment offers in the country also have a unique visa. Your employers have to electronically submit a mediation letter on your behalf while you present the proof of contract. This type of visa does not attract any charge from the government.

Moreover, as a resident in Lithuania, you can apply for a family visa to bring your loved ones over. What matters most is that you provide a document to prove the bond between you and the invited persons.

You must be Able to Sustain Yourself

One of the criteria for moving from UK to Lithuania is that you have a means of sustenance when you get into the country. You are not entitled to free medical care unless you are already a permanent resident of the country or have obtained citizenship. The first condition is attainable after five years of staying in the country, and the second status comes with an additional five years of residency, among other criteria. As a result, your bank statement should be in good form before applying for a visa.

You’ll need a New Driver’s License

The best way to tour this country is in your vehicle. But while the EU driver’s license is valid in Lithuania, a UK driving permit isn’t since Brexit. Although talks are on between both governments to make UK ex-pats swap their licenses for Lithuanian ones, there isn’t a conclusion yet.

Hence, the nation tolerates your foreign driver’s permission for only six months. When this period is over, you have to take a driving test at their designated license office and exchange your UK license for a Lithuanian one.

Also, Lithuania drives in the right lane and overtakes on the left, which is the opposite of the UK road usage system. That means you have to adjust to their road use laws.

All Applications Must be from your Country

The UK has application centers for Lithuania’s national visas for study in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, and Cardiff. Meanwhile, other visa types require that you visit the consulate of Lithuania in the United Kingdom.

Final Thoughts

Many people consider Lithuania one of the easiest countries to move into from the UK. While statistics show that immigrants comprise only 5% of the Lithuanian population, that doesn’t mean the country is hostile to expatriates. In contrast, the nation has migration policies that facilitate the integration of foreigners into every sphere of society. Finally, Lithuania prides itself on its slogan as an open country for co-creation. That means the country looks forward to having you. So, what other greater assurance could you possibly need?

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