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What Makes Linux Reseller Hosting More In-Demand Than Windows Reseller Hosting?

What Makes Linux Reseller Hosting More In-Demand Than Windows Reseller Hosting?

With the growth in the IT field, internet hosting has become a necessity for every business website. This has immensely benefited resellers in the past few years. And it is safe to agree that Linux has an upper hand with the resellers as well. But before going into Linux reseller hosting, let’s see what reseller hosting is and what it aims to do.

Reseller hosting

When a hosting provider, i.e, the reseller, rents the services he bought from the parent web hosting company, to his customers for more profits, that hosting service is called reseller hosting. Reseller hosting doesn’t demand any deep technical expertise, which makes it easier for anyone to start a hosting business. As you already know, Windows and Linux resellers are the most prominent hosting solutions to exist.

Windows and Linux reseller hosting:

When a reseller hosting solution is set up on the Windows OS, it is called Windows reseller hosting, and one that offers Linux OS is referred to as a Linux reseller hosting solution. Both Windows and Linux resellers have abundant advantages, but businesses and organizations these days are leaning towards Linux reseller hosting solutions. Here’s why Linux has proven itself better and more efficient than the Windows reseller.

Why does Linux reseller hosting have an upperhand?

It is very true that Linux offers more flexibility and security compared to Windows. But these reasons alone are not enough to name it the better reseller. There are many factors which make Linux reseller solutions more efficient and more beneficial.

Factors that make Linux a better choice


Linux, an open-source, is much cheaper than Windows as it demands no extra licensing fees. Instead of buying a high-end Windows server, you can get your hands on a comparable advantage at a low cost. This in turn improves the returns on your initial investment.


Though Windows and Linux support and provide great security features, Linux offers sturdier security, thanks to its open-source nature and improved technicality. Though Windows is secure, it is prone to more cyber attacks and intrusions, which makes Linux a better choice.


The scope of customization in Windows is very slim. This is not the case with Linux, as it can be customized easily. Linux offers better control and customization options, which is exactly what resellers and web professionals are interested in.


Linux comes with better stability in all conditions. It can also adapt easily and suit itself to multiple work environments. It is profoundly open and sturdy, a few of the many reasons why clients prefer starting a Linux reseller hosting business.

Server overhead:

The server overhand of Linux reseller hosting is much less compared to that of Windows reseller hosting. And so, Windows consumes more server resources for completing a task, while this count is significantly less when it comes to Linux reseller hosting.

Application compatibility:

The application installation features usually differ from provider to provider. Linux is an open-source OS which can accommodate and support more features, which is why it is better at application compatibility compared to that of the Windows reseller hosting solutions.

Control Panel:

Linux comes with an incredibly easy-to-use control panel. This is very beneficial for resellers, as they can easily monitor and manage their multiple client accounts and websites without having to deal with any complicated control panels.

Host access:

Linux is more flexible in providing host access. Both Windows and Linux offer FTP access to their clients, but Linux pitches in with additional advanced options that include Telnet, SSH, etc, which are hard to find in Windows.

Support for programming languages:

This is the top-notch and prime reason for the towering Linux demand. Linux reseller hosting solutions can guarantee their users with numerous higher-level programming languages that include Ruby, PHP, Perl, etc., whereas this choice is limited if one chooses Windows reseller hosting.


If you compare Windows and Linux reseller hosting solutions, performance-wise, then Linux will definitely be the winner. As websites these days prefer uptime and performance more than anything, resellers are considering Linux more than ever.


Linux reseller hosting solutions are easy to maintain, update, and configure. You don’t have to worry about managing the issues as the parent provider takes care of any technical issues you face.

Precisely, Linux reseller hosting has many notable advantages that can save your efforts and time, along with your capital.


Behind every successfully running website is a well-maintained server. The demand for service providers has been a great benefit for resellers all over the world. Both Windows and Linux reseller hosting solutions offer excellent services to their customers, but Linux benefits resellers with a few more advantages which certainly meets the user requirements with better performance, efficiency, and relatively little investments.

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