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What to Consider Before Adopting a Pomeranian

At one point in our life, we all wish to adopt a dog and live an exciting life with them! However, it might get a tough task to take care of an adopted dog, let alone energetic and cheerful dogs like Pomeranian dogs. 

Pomeranian dogs are a ball of energy, enthusiasm, and joy owing to their jolly nature. In fact, they are so popular that quite a lot of artists have mentioned them in their literature and artworks. 

So, if you are planning to adopt a Pomeranian dog or puppy, there are certain things that you might want to consider such as: 

1. Their Grooming and Health Requirements 

Before you adopt a Pomeranian, you need to consider their grooming and health requirements. This is essential to know as before adopting them, you need to think about whether you can give them enough time or not. 

As you may already know, Pomeranian dogs have an amazing fur coat. Due to this, you need to regularly brush them in order to prevent hair matts. Additionally, you also might want to get their nails cut, ears cleaned, and hair trimmed to make sure they’re well-maintained. 

Other than these, you need to consider their vaccination schedule as well and get them vaccinated accordingly. If the adopted dog is already vaccinated, consult your vet to know the further schedule.  

So, keep in mind these requirements and whether or not you’d be able to follow them!

2. Their Training

Other than grooming and health requirements, you also need to train your Pomeranian dog. 

As Pomeranian dogs are small in size, they often become the prey of the dogs of other bigger breeds. Hence, you need to make sure that you have trained your Pomeranian to come to you whenever they are called. 

Another thing to keep in mind is that after you have adopted your Pomeranian, you may want to stop them from jumping excessively. It is because this can strain their joints and cause orthopedic problems. So, extra care and training are required here too. 

Lastly, housebreaking is also an important training step for your Pomeranian dog. 

3. Their Age 

If you are planning to adopt a Pomeranian dog, you can consider age as a factor too. You can find Pomeranian dogs of various age groups. 

For instance, if you want to have the full dog experience, you can consider getting a Pomeranian puppy around the age of eight to twelve weeks. During this time, you need to be on your toes as these pups are out to explore the world! 

However, if you want a calm and stable Pomeranian dog, then consider going for a two to three years old Pomeranian. They are usually more disciplined and won’t tire you out as much as puppies do. 

But, to have a good bond with your Pomeranian, adopting at the puppy stage might be the best!

4. Their Nutrition 

You might want to consider the nutritional needs of a Pomeranian before you adopt one. 

A Pomeranian dog usually requires high-quality food, mainly prepared for small breed dogs. Keep in mind that the one used for large breeds or even prepared at home might hinder the overall growth and development of the Pomeranian dog. 

Ideally, the food needs to have around 10% to 25% fat and 22% to 32% protein. 

5. A Good Adoption Center 

Lastly, if you are wishing to adopt a Pomeranian dog, you need to find a good adoption center that can assist you with all the required formalities. 

Also, consider the possibility that your adopted Pomeranian dog might not have had a good past. Hence, you need to deal with them with the utmost care to make them trust you. 

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Pomeranian dogs are one of the cutest and the most fun but they also require your full attention and care.  So, always keep that in mind and go with the adoption process!

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