What to Expect from Your Amazon Rainforest Trip

What to Expect from Your Amazon Rainforest Trip

If you have not yet visited the rainforest in South Africa, you’re in for a travel adventure as exciting as it is memorable. You can’t go anywhere else in the world and see and do the same things you can on a rainforest vacation. Therefore, if you’re creating a bucket list, this is one trip you don’t want to miss.

So, what will you be doing during your tour of the rainforest? What kinds of Activities does the jungle have in store for you? You will see unique plants and wildlife; you’ll also enjoy one-of-a-kind delicious Peruvian cuisine. Everything you experience–from your accommodations to your planned activities–will hold your interest and keep you occupied.

See Exotic Animals Up Close on Your Amazon Rainforest Trip

Seeing the jungle animals up close is an experience you soon won’t forget. For example,  your Amazon rainforest trip will feature nature and animal tours that are fun and one-of-a-kind. Visitors like taking a boat and trekking through the jungle to see howler monkeys and capuchins.

You don’t have to look for howler monkeys as they can be easily heard – their voices resonating through the jungle greenery. The tree-dwelling apes live as long as two decades and mainly subsist on a diet of leaves, vines, fruits, and flowers. Males stand about 24 inches tall and weigh around 30 pounds, while their mates stand about 20 inches and weigh about 15 pounds.

The capuchin monkeys resemble “organ grinder” monkeys – they are cute. At about 8 pounds, the monkey stands about 28 inches tall. They live about a quarter-century in the wild and like the jungle’s offerings of nuts, insects, and fruits.

Hike or Boat at Night

You can also take a nighttime tour by boat or by joining a hike during your rainforest excursion. On your nocturnal adventure, you’ll see nocturnal animals, such as the caiman, a close cousin of the crocodile. You might also spot Peruvian night monkeys, various kinds of frogs, pygmy owls, and the margay (a small jungle wildcat).

See and Eat the Dragon Fish that Live in Sapote Lake

You might also journey to Sapote Lake, home to dragonfish. The fish, about 7 to 15 inches in length, are unusual and must be prepared carefully for eating. Cooks who serve the fish must first remove the fish’s spine and the poisonous sacs it uses to protect itself. Its name comes from the fact that the fish looks like a dragon after cooking.

Fish for Piranha

It’s hard to believe the piranha fish that inhabit the Amazon and its tributaries are dangerous, given their small size. However, you’ll understand why they’re small but deadly fish after you’ve caught some of the fish and see their razor teeth up close. Don’t worry about fishing for the fish, though, as you’ll be shown how to catch the fish with the utmost safety in mind.

Relax in High-End Jungle Accommodations

On your Amazon holiday, you’ll also relax and rejuvenate in a high-end jungle retreat – the ideal place to unwind after a day of jungle activities. Savor South American dishes will give your tastebuds a “lift” while gazing at the stars and listening to the soft breeze and jungle’s nocturnal songs.

Take a Scenic Drive

One of the best scenic drives to take on your rainforest trip is the one that spans from Iquitos, Peru, to Nauta. In Peru, this northern highway runs for about 50 miles and takes 30 minutes to drive.

The connection between Iquitos and Nauta is also the beginning site for most jungle activities. This highway is an ideal way to get acquainted with the rainforest and prepare yourself for the rest of your holiday.

Now Is the Time to Plan Your Amazon Holiday

Now is the time to plan your Amazon holiday. Get ready to be impressed. Book your tour today. You already have an idea about what is waiting for you. Now, all you have to do is plan the length of your trip. You can choose from trips that last about a week to holidays that extend over a far longer time. Check your calendar now – anytime is a good time to arrange a trip.

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