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Why Businesses Should be Using Open Source Software

Open-source software is being embraced as an invaluable tool by businesses in a whole range of different industries. The reason that open source software has become so popular with businesses is because of the distinct advantages it offers above proprietary software. This guide is here to help you learn more about what open source software is and what advantages it offers for businesses.

What Is Open Source Software?

Before diving into why businesses should be using open source software it is first important to outline what open source software is. Open-source software has a source code that is available for anyone to inspect or modify. This means that anyone with enough coding knowledge can change how a piece of software runs or functions.

1. Flexibility

When you purchase or use proprietary software you have to take what you are given, whereas, with an open course software you have the potential to be flexible. Open-source software can be changed to meet the needs of your business. This means that you can transform the software to work for you, rather than changing the way that you work to meet the demands of the software. Moreover, the software can continue to change and evolve with your business. With open-source software, you have the ability to constantly change a software to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of your evolving business.

2. Security

While some proprietary software might claim to be security conscious, it is notable to find that security-focused organizations tend to use open-source software instead. For example, an opensource alternative to Slack is commonly used by privacy-conscious organizations such as those dealing with intellectual property and national security. There are a few reasons why open source software has such as high level of security. Firstly, code is being continually tested and personally developed by your own team. Secondly, the level of transparency with open source software cannot be rivalled. There is no hidden code with open source software, everything is transparent, making it much easier to trust. If there was an issue, an army of coders will likely have spotted it.

3. Cost

Lots of open-source software is either free or far less expensive than the proprietary software alternative. You can use your in-house IT teams to complete any necessary development of open-source software. This means that open source software offers businesses the lowest cost of ownership.

4. Quality

Open-source software is developed by thousands of developers and users who are working collectively to improve the quality and security of the software.

Unlike closed source software, which is the work of a few select developers, open-sourced software can be improved by anyone. This means the businesses can benefit from using higher quality open-source software.

5. Freedom

Businesses that use open-source software benefit from an increased level of freedom as they have more control over the software they are using. This means that they do not have to accept updates or changes if they would prefer not to. Using open-source software means that businesses have the power to transform software to meet their own needs.

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