Why Choose PVC Production Line to Produce PVC Imitation Marble Sheet

Why Choose PVC Production Line to Produce PVC Imitation Marble Sheet

PVC imitation marble sheets are one of the most widely used sheets around the world. These are an excellent choice if you want to give the interiors of your building a tasteful touch. And the best thing about these sheets is that they are quite affordable for everyone. 

However, only through a good quality PVC production line can the PVC imitation marble sheets be manufactured successfully. It has a significant impact on sheet quality. It comes in a wide variety and is used for manufacturing different kinds of PVC sheets or other products. Following are some points further discussing the details about why you should choose a PVC production line to produce PVC sheets.

Merits of PVC imitation marble sheet

Before introducing the PVC production line, you may wonder why PVC imitation marble sheets are popularized worldwide. Here are the most significant merits of them.

● Various designs: One of the most common reasons why they are preferred is because of their stunning visuals. Imitation Marble sheets produced by the PVC production line come in a vast diversity of designs. 

● Affordability These sheets are also usually chosen because of their durability and lower price but higher quality. 

● Multiple uses: You can use these in the interiors of bathrooms, kitchens, tv lounges, veranda, lobbies, and halls, etc. 

● Durable: These sheets are also hard to wear and have high resistivity to scratches. 

● Good insulation properties: These sheets have insulation properties that are another plus point of choosing them. It can keep you safe in different circumstances. 

Merits of the PVC production line

Without a reliable PVC production line, the PVC sheet is difficult to produce. Thus, to have a better understanding of the PVC production line, the following are some top benefits of it for your reference:

● Produce products with chic style: The PVC production line uses modern technology to manufacture quality sheets. These are also modified to follow the latest trends in the market. Thus, you can give the best look to your home interior according to the latest trends of the time.

● Produce products with various thicknesses: The PVC production line is able to provide you disparate thicknesses of the sheet. Its thickness can range from 0.3mm to 10mm, depending on the market or your requirement. 

● Easy to operate: It is worth mentioning that Boyu, a capable PVC production line supplier, can provide you the best products that are easier to operate, smoother to run, and provide efficient output.

Features of the PVC production line

Except for the goodness of the PVC production line, it still has several features.

● Multi-step process: PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) is one of the most frequently utilized manufacturing products that are manufactured through a series of processes. 

● Automated Operation: Now, the latest machines come with a high degree of automation, making it easier for you to operate.

Process of the PVC production line to produce PVC imitation marble sheets

PVC imitation marble sheets are produced through various procedures in a production line. For the production of sheets, the PVC sheet extrusion line is preheated before adding the raw materials. When it is heated to 50 degrees, then the extruder is further heated to the manufacturing temperature. Then PVC resin and other agents are added in the powder form. Mix well and then allow the temperature to become low following that the plasticized product is pushed out of the extruder. In the end, the printed film and wear layer would be fixed on the core to ensure the  quality of the PVC imitation marble sheet. 

Best PVC production lines

If you want to invest in a reliable production line, efficiently working and affordable, then Boyu is what you must consider. The company provides one of the most refined production lines in the market. Boyu provides an excellent technical support system for their clients. 

For instance, the PVC production line from Boyu is not only an excellent option but also popularized worldwide. Its energy consumption is low, but its functioning is high. It provides the best extrusion lines for manufacturing plastic floors. It is equipped with an extruder for extrusion, calender, T-die, traction machine, cutting machine, etc.

In addition, the Boyu R&D Flooring Center is composed of more than ten employees, all of whom have intermediate and senior technical titles. Not only that, they all have professional theoretical, and practical experience in the field of plastic machinery. Thus, the PVC production line from Boyu, which is dedicated to providing you with the best product with various certificates and the best service, will never disappoint you.

Investing in a high-quality product line that is too within your budget can prove to be very beneficial for your business. Boyu is the best choice to consider because it offers several production lines at affordable rates. 

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