4 Essential Traits of Strong Project Management Software

4 Qualities to Look for in Project Management Software

If you manage a team, regardless of your industry or niche, you want to take advantage of the tools that will make your job easier. Fortunately, project management software can help you assign tasks, stay on track, optimize productivity, and clearly see how close you are to reaching various benchmarks.

Not all project management software options are going to be suitable for your needs, though. To find the best tool, look for one with the following capabilities.


Certain essential qualities of strong project management software are going to be obvious. For example, you need your project management solution to facilitate easy collaboration.

This has become increasingly vital because remote work and distributed teams have grown more commonplace. There’s a strong chance your workers may be based in different parts of the world.

Because they can’t collaborate on projects in the same office, you’ll need a digital tool that allows them to collaborate remotely.

But that’s not the only critical trait you’re looking for in project management software. You also must be confident that any files and data you store or manage via this tool are secure.

User authentications must be solid, you’ll require the ability to control who does or doesn’t have access to specific files, and it’s best if your project management software provider gives you the option to store digital assets in the cloud. It’s becoming steadily accepted that data stored in the cloud is more secure than data stored anywhere else.

Remember, keeping documents and information security may be a compliance issue, depending on your industry. The relevant project management software can potentially help you to avoid fines and other legal complications.


Project management software should enable you and your teams to store and collaborate on files related to your various projects. It shouldn’t force you to switch to entirely new ways to develop those files and content.

Your team members probably already use productivity apps with which they’re comfortable, such as the G Suite or Office 365. You don’t want to make them stop using their preferred tools simply because you’ve found a new project management software.

To avoid potential conflicts, choose one that can integrate with a wide range of other apps.


Time is effectively money. Whenever you can automate a daily task, you should, so long as doing it won’t have any substantial negative consequences.

This is another factor to consider when choosing project management software. Some allow users to automate certain tasks and help them to save a lot of time over the long run. Those hours can be devoted to more productive labor.


This may seem like an obvious point, but too many firms overlook it. Yes, a project management software needs to be secure and provide numerous useful features; but it also needs to be easy to use.

Keep in mind that it’s not too likely that you will be the only person who uses this tool. Other team members will also turn to it fairly often.

When you test the options, give others a chance to check them out as well. Ideally, you ought to collect enough opinions to help you clearly determine whether a particular project management software is user-friendly enough to satisfy the entire team’s needs.

Adequate testing of project management software is critical. Because remember, not every product is going to be as helpful as you need it to be. Taking the trouble to identify the one that will genuinely serve your needs is one of the smartest steps you can take toward success as a manager.

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