Why do you need post-renovation cleaning

Why Do You Need Post-Renovation Cleaning?

Cleaning of apartments, cottages and other premises after repair is becoming more and more popular every day.

If the repair was carried out not by a team of coven workers who came to work from the village, but by real professionals, then the repair and finishing work will be done carefully, but, of course, not a single specialist is immune from flaws, for example, traces of finishing materials remaining on different surfaces. To independently get rid of stains of paint, cement, grout, whitewash, construction tape is very difficult.

Professionals in cleaning apartments in their work use special tools that make it possible to easily remove complex contaminants from the surface. Also, there are no stains or marks left on the treated surfaces, which is quite important after the repair of the apartment. To save time and physical labor, you can use the services of professionals from Spokane, https://www.livecleantoday.com/services/carpet-cleaning-spokane. The chemical composition is selected by professionals personally, depending on the type of surface and type of pollution. This helps to get rid of the most difficult contaminants without harm to the treated area.

Separately, it should be said about the cleaning equipment used by the cleaning company’s specialists. Professional grinders and washing vacuum cleaners for hard surfaces make it possible to process large surfaces in a short time, remove small particles of dust.

There is also the difficulty of removing construction debris. If the repair team cleans up large-sized debris, for example, trimming boards, profiles, timber, a large number of traces of repair work remain in the room. As a result, the owner of the apartment is faced with the task of not throwing this kind of garbage on the street, you have to hire transport in order to take it to a special place for disposal. The specialists of the cleaning company take this task upon themselves, giving you an apartment that is perfectly clean.

Why do you need post-renovation cleaning

One of the difficult stages of cleaning work is also the dry cleaning of carpets and upholstered furniture. Often there is no way to remove furniture from the apartment during the repair. Usually, it is protected from construction dust with an ordinary polyethylene film, but it cannot completely protect the surface. As a result, fine dust particles collect on the upholstery of furniture, then eat into the actual fabric. Attempts to clean the surface with your own hands can lead to very negative consequences. In a good case, stains may remain on the surface, in a bad case, the upholstery will be damaged.

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