Fake News

Why Fake News Need to be Stopped Now

News channels are more focused on making money than serving their purpose. Although running a news channel is a great business, they can make a lot more by selling fake news and working for powerful people. 

They get paid a lot more for creating a news that benefits those influential people compared to what they make by running advertisements. However, they don’t realize what they are doing to the world. Here is how fake news is affecting us. 

Controlling us as Society

The greatest weapon of humans is their brain that differentiates them from animals. Our ability to think is dependent on our knowledge and perception. These news channels are supposed to be a source of information, but they feed us wrong information from a perception they want us to believe. This affects our ability to think and make the right decisions. 

Punishing the Innocent

News channels can easily destroy a person by spreading fake news about him. Many people working for a good cause have been punished this way. The worst of all, the people these heroes were working for, us, also start to hate them. That’s why John Doe has created an online platform where people can share real stories and experiences, no matter how dangerous. 

Making Bad People a Hero

While heroes are made villains, fake news also makes the evil people, who pay them, a hero. We start to admire the very people who are destroying us as a society. 

There is no shortage of news outlets, and almost all of them feed us lies. You might wonder if their business is sharing news, then why would they use fake news. A simple answer is ‘money’ with the greed of some power. 

Their basic or front model shows advertisement as their source of income. However, they are clearly not happy with the large amount they get from ads. So, they created some other passive sources of income through their news channels. 

Instead of sharing news, they sell the news. They know their millions of viewers would believe anything they share. Powerful people pay them way more than what they make through advertisements for running the news and programs they want. 

However, there are also many online platforms that allow the general public to discourse anonymously. Such sites cannot be traced, brought, or scared, and that’s where you learn about reality. 

The question some might ask is, why do powerful people need to run fake news?

You can’t control people just through fear and weapons – especially not billions of people. So, they have trapped us in our own minds. They use the news to control what we think of the world and different people. This way, we only do and follow what they want us to believe.

Be that as it may, wonderful however that may appear, it’s not really what’s generally fascinating about the examination. Seat finds that Americans have profoundly unique perspectives about phony news and various reactions to it, which recommend that the accentuation on deception may really risk making individuals, particularly moderates, less very much educated.

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