discounted smartphone with a SIM only plan

Why You Should Consider Getting a Sim Only Data Plan

Most subscribers in Singapore get a mobile subscription package along with a smartphone. Carriers offer combo packs that include a smartphone with a discount if purchased with a subscription. However, SIM only plans are much better in terms of savings. The SIM only data plan in Singapore carriers offer offers much better value and there is a reason for it.

Comparing Apples to Apples

To have a fair comparison, we have to look at monthly subscriptions that cost the same. For example, you can get a smartphone along with a mobile plan that costs S$50 per month or you can get a SIM only plan priced the same. The difference is that you get much more traffic on the SIM only plan. The SIM only data plan Singapore carriers that market towards end-customers has more bonuses, making them much better value.

This value that SIM only plans offer can translate into savings. You can have a much lower monthly bill if you get a SIM only plan. You can get an unlimited data plan that costs much less than a combo plan which includes a smartphone.

The reason why this is the case with all carriers is that the discount offered on the smartphone needs to be covered. Usually, this cost is absorbed by the customer by paying a higher monthly subscription. Many consumers do not think about these costs and overlook just how much they have to pay each month.

Getting a Suitable Plan

One common mistake that anyone can make is to get a SIM only plan that includes way more than what they need and end up overspending. Unlimited data plans are useful but only for a small fraction of subscribers. Most users are fine with just a 40 or 50 GB plan. These plans are not that expensive on a SIM only plan. You can get a lot of data traffic included on a S$20 plan.

What would be considered an advisable practice is to look at several different plans and check what they have included. If you are not happy with the SIM only data plan, you can check what other carriers offer. The SIM only data plan Singapore carriers have on offer is very competitive. While for the most part, you will not see much of a difference between them, you can find excellent deals with smaller carriers that are trying to grow their customer base. It is much more likely to get a great deal from a smaller carrier.

Who Should Get a SIM Only Data Plan?

If you are interested in getting a SIM only data plan Singapore mobile carriers offer plenty of choices. You should make the move to such a plan if you are not in desperate need of an upgrade for your smartphone. You may also buy a mid-range device contract-free and then get a separate SIM only data plan. If you do the math, you save much more money in the long run with this approach.

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