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Win the Mosquito Challenge with AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine

Want something to challenge those freaking mosquitoes outside that are ready to enter your home through your open windows? Then, your search ends here with AutoMos, India’s 1st automatic mosquito repellent dispenser machine launched by HiCare. 

Forget using those smoky coils, incense sticks, and harmful mosquito sprays, when you can repel mosquitoes at home with the safest of them all – AutoMos Mosquito Repellent Machine. Thanks to its 4x times less chemical release that makes it safe to be installed even in a kid’s room. 

AutoMos is found effective not just against mosquitoes, but for house flies too. With AutoMos on your walls, you can accept the mosquito challenge for sure. It provides 24×7 mosquito protection even with open windows. Order it online from HiCare, Flipkart, or Amazon and avail the introductory offer that will last until the stocks last. The starter pack that costs Rs. 1,399 is available only for Rs. 999 as part of this introductory offer, so hurry and order your pack soon!

Using the AutoMos mosquito repellent machine is quite simple. Shake the original AutoMos refill and insert it in the machine with 2 1.5V AA batteries supplied with the pack. Hang it anywhere near the window for best efficacy at least 7-8 feet above ground level. Set the frequency and mode of operation, and switch it on! That’s it, and do nothing for the next 90 days, and AutoMos will challenge the mosquitoes to enter through open windows. 

You must try AutoMos to see how it is better than other mosquito repellents available in the market. This new HiCare product scores higher than its competitors in parameters such as effectiveness, safety, affordability, longevity, and ease of use. Needless to say, all these together will make you win any mosquito challenge with AutoMos – the best mosquito killer for your home!

Watch this ad to learn more about this unique mosquito control product. 

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About HiCare

HiCare is the proud launcher of AutoMos Mosquito Repellent. It is a digital, responsible, and hygiene company that offers a plethora of pest control and cleaning solutions in India. With a legacy of 30 years, HiCare has become a household name for complete hygiene. Over the years, the trained and certified in-house technicians of the company have served over 30 lakh homes and 300+ commercial spaces.

HiCare has emerged as a digital hygiene brand that offers paperless and hassle-free solutions with online transparency. The company follows a special STAR (Systematic, Transparent, Accountable, and Responsible) approach for its commercial pest control and cleaning solutions. The fact that AutoMos comes from the house of HiCare means it will set a benchmark in offering complete 24×7 indoor mosquito protection.

About HiCare AutoMos

Proud to claim itself to be India’s only automatic mosquito repellent dispenser, AutoMos is a smart and compact device. It is easy to install in your home for round-the-clock mosquito protection. The main USP of AutoMos is its ability to allow you to keep windows open in all seasons without fearing dangerous dengue mosquitoes.

AutoMos emits no harmful smoke or smell, therefore it is completely safe for anyone inside your home. Once installed, it will offer up to 3 months of mosquito prevention. The chemical emission is 4 times less as compared to any other mosquito repellent machine, so it is definitely worth trying! Use it to believe us that with AutoMos on your wall, there will be no mosquitoes at all!

Happy Customers – HiCare AutoMos Reviews

We know how much we recommend you try AutoMos, but you might still doubt us. So, how about checking the HiCare AutoMos reviews? Needless to say, users who bought AutoMos are happy to use it and have several good things to mention about this amazing mosquito product. Here are some customer AutoMos reviews for your reference:

5* Rating

“Excellent Mosquito Repellent”

“I am writing this AutoMos review after using it for almost 75 days. I found it to be an excellent mosquito repellent that is not causing me any allergies to any smell or chemicals and still keeps mosquitoes away. Worth every penny I spent on it!”

–        Neha Ohri, New Delhi

4.5* Rating

“No switch, no smell, yet so effective”

“Finally, I got an amazing mosquito repellent that doesn’t need to be plugged in every night before I go to bed. No irritating smell either! I wonder how it can be so effective that I can hardly spot a mosquito inside my home after installing it 2 months ago. So happy that I bought it.”

–       Mahesh Shrivastava, Raipur

4.5* Rating

“A must-have in monsoons”

“Monsoons felt like monsoons without mosquitoes at home with AutoMos. Now, I only need to use a fabric roll-on the moment I step outside the home for mosquito protection. The moment I step inside my home, I know AutoMos is there to protect me from mosquito bites. Definitely a must-have to stay safe against uncontrollable mosquitoes indoors in monsoons.”

–       Shikha Chauhan, Bareilly

4* Rating

“My patients feel safe now”

“I am no big fan of mosquito repellents loaded with harmful chemicals, but AutoMos is seriously something different! I wanted something to make my clinic safer for patients who were skipping appointments due to the mosquito menace at my clinic. The situation got under control after installing the AutoMos machine next to my clinic door. Now, patients visit me for an appointment without any worry about mosquito bites.”

–       Dr. Piyush Bansal, Meerut

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