10 Beach Drinks To Take For The Picnic

10 Beach Drinks To Take For The Picnic

Picnic is a great and fun-loving activity. It provides the source to relax and spend some quality time with the family or friends away from life hassle. Going on a picnic or planning one needs to be prepared properly in respect to having the required things with you. For the outdoor gatherings snacks, food or drinks are the best portable options. It will help to have some good time outside without the tension to carry out the large big buckets or bags full of food. To have a good picnic outdoor must select the portable and one hand food options. Instead of this, multiple exciting drinks ideas can increase the overall picnic experience. You can full your picnic adventure with these beach picnic drinks:


Margaritas are the refreshing and best option for the beach picnic. You can excite the friends and family with the mixture of the lime juice with some orange flavor or add some sparkling water to get the fuse fusion. You can easily have one by making it quicker and carry out on you’re a day trip on the beach. Lime and orange composition will not give you heavy feelings and keep things clam and you will able to enjoy swimming and surfing.

Strawberry lemonade

Strawberry lemonade is a perfect drink to enjoy with friends on the beach. It is a fusion of lemon, strawberry, sparkling water and you can add some vodka from a liquor store to enhance its flavor. It will give you high with the combination and you can have this cocktail within no time. You can add the flavors as per the need or the taste you want in your drink.


Mojitos are one of the amazing drinks that you can never forget to have on your beach picnic with friends. It is a perfect combination and fusion of rum with the lemon, lime, mint and sparkling water. All you need to have the ingredients and get a combination of them together. Mint will provide a more refreshing feeling and keep you light, so you can be able to enjoy the whole time enjoying the activities.

Pina Coladas

Pina Coladas are a good and enjoyable drink at the beach. You can blend your ingredients to make a perfect mixture. No need to carry out the big blender on the beach just do it easily. Make a combination of rum, pineapple juice with some lime juice, coconut milk can be added with some pineapple chunks or slices and water. Just mix all the things in a container and carry out with you at the time of serving pour some rum and enjoy the best flavor Pina Coladas.

Raspberry and grapefruit fusion

Raspberry and grapefruit fusion is not only refreshing but energetic as well. For the summer beach picnic day, it is a perfect drink to carry out with you. You can follow the simple procedure to make your own and excite friends with good hospitality. Have some raspberry blended and grapefruit juice with the sweetener of choice, blend them with the lime juice and add some sparkling water. This drink is refreshing and light, so you will not feel heavier or uncomfortable after having one.

Watermelon & lime composition

Watermelon is one of the best ingredients that helps a lot to reduce the thirst and keep up the energy level and fuel to the body. By creating the fusion of watermelon with some sparkling water, rum and lime can give an exciting and add fun into your picnic. This is one of the best options you can enjoy with friends or share with family or kids as well.

Sparkling Negronis

For the cocktail lover, this is the best and classical drink for the beach time picnic. It offers the refreshing and lighter version of the Negronis that will keep a person lighter at the beach. You can get a reasonable amount of the gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, water, prosecco with some orange wedges. At serving, you can add some ice or the sparkling water to add the fusion into a drink.

Mojito fruits combo

Mojito offers the refreshing and super fuel cool pleasure at the time of the beach fun. You can add some mint with the mojitos or ice and sparkling water to increase the overall excitement at the picnic.

Fruit juice fusion

Mix fusion or a mixture of some healthy fruit choice is a good option to enjoy in the summer. It is something that kids and adults both love. You can use mix fruit of your choice with some sparkling water.

Sparkling lime

Sparkling lime at the summer beach picnic is refreshing and exciting as well. You can use the water with some lime juice or pour sparkling water and enjoy with friends or family even with the kids as well.

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