Foods To Eat To Gain Weight

10 Foods To Eat To Gain Weight

Losing weight is a crucial thing, similarly gaining weight or muscles is also not an easy job. On one side people who are suffering from obesity and weight-related problems, another side some want to add some and suffering with the issue of being too skinny.

If a person is on a low weight means the body needs the nutrients, fats, and proteins so, the body mass can be increased. It requires proper guidance and a diet chart as well that will help to measure the right amount of carbs, proteins, fats in a diet to get the required results.

Gaining weight is as hard as finding the Calgary dinning without a map. But simply, it can be easy by just understanding that a person needs to consume more calories rather than burning. Add food group into the diet that is rich in calories and provide enough carbs, proteins and healthy fats without damaging the health. Usually, it happens that people switch towards unhealthy food choices to increase the weight that can raise cholesterol or blood pressure.

Here are some healthy food items a person should add into daily meal to gain the weight and to build muscle mass:

1. Avocado

The avocado belongs to the fruit group and rich in good or healthy fats. As well as contains fiber and vitamins that are necessary for muscle growth and strength. In the calorie count, one avocado can give more calories and nutrients together. It is a great combination you can utilize avocado in your daily intake as a plain to add with other meals as well.

2. Nuts

Nuts and seeds are a great source of fats and add enough amount of calories in the diet. Tree nuts include walnuts, peanuts, cashews, and seeds includes flax seeds, pumpkin seeds, etc. are healthy for weight gain. You can have them mix with the smoothie, yogurt or eat as a snack.

3. Proteins bars

Proteins bars are high in calories and provide enough amount of energy to fuel up the whole day. It helps a lot in muscle building and to increase a good amount of healthy weight. You can make the protein bar my using the granola, nuts and brown sugar syrup instead of purchasing the commercial one.

4. Rice

Rice is a source of carbs and appropriate for weight gain. A person can easily add the rice in the meal to get a fair amount of fats, carbs, and proteins. It will help a lot in weight gain and muscle building as well.

5. Milk

Milk is a good source of protein, good fats, and calcium. All the ingredients are necessary for muscle building and strengthening as well. By consuming the milk daily will not just provide the necessary vitamins for the healthy body but also helps in the muscle building and getting some healthy weight. It is recommended to use at least 1 or 2 glass of milk on daily intake.

6. Homemade protein shake

Protein shakes considered a good source to fuel up the energy and for muscle gain. Those who are working out used to take the protein shake before or after a workout to maximize the protein intake and strengthen muscles. For healthy weight gain, a homemade protein shake is an appropriate option. Use milk and ingredients like banana, chocolate, berries, hazelnuts, apple, caramel, vanilla, and avocado or any flavor of your choice to make a healthy protein shake.

7. Starchy vegetables

Vegetables that have a high amount of carbs and starch are good for weight gain. It includes corn, potatoes, sweet potatoes, beans, legumes, and root vegetables. A person can consume a good amount of potatoes or other starchy vegetables to get the proteins, carbs, and fibers that are good for healthy weight gain.

8. Fish

Fish especially salmon is a source of omega 3 fatty acids and provides the proteins. They consider good for heart health and helps to gain weight naturally and safely. You can consume the salmon fried into the diet that fuels up the high protein level as well as helps to get the muscle strength and lean muscle mass.

9. Red meat

Red meat is the one food item that considers the best available option to increase weight and muscle mass. By consuming the red meat with the weight training exercise not only helps in weight gain but also increase the muscle mass with the strength and volume.

10. Eggs

Eggs are high in protein and contain vitamins, minerals, and fats as well. Consuming the whole egg helps to provide a good amount of fats and proteins. It is safe and natural food with multiple other health benefits to getting the weight with muscle mass. You can consume 3 whole eggs per day to get significant results.

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