Ways to Style a Hoodie

10 Fashionable Ways to Style a Hoodie

It’s summertime, and that means it’s time to break out your best assc hoodie. With all the different styles of hoodies that exist, there are plenty of ways you can style one up for the latest trends without sacrificing comfort.

Hoodies for Every Style

The Casual Look:

A casual look is easy to pull off with a simple white or gray hoodie from stores like American Eagle Outfitters. Pair your new sweatshirt with some jeans or sweatpants and lace up some tennis shoes for a laid-back outfit perfect for hanging out on weekends or grabbing a bite to eat after class.

The Preppy Look:

There’s something about a polo shirt paired with a varsity jacket that screams “preppy.” The look is so classic it never gets old, and there are plenty of styles to match your tastes.

 The Colorful Look:

Though this look requires buying a few colored hoodies, the payoff is worth it. Hoodies in hues like red or pink stand out against neutral outfits like black, white, and gray. To spice up your outfit even more, buy some socks in complementary colors to wear with your hoodie.

The Hipster Look:

A fun way to pull off the “hipster” style without looking too put-together is by pairing a vibrant flannel shirt underneath an open zip-up hoodie that’s slightly oversized for comfort during late nights at the library cramming for finals.

Hoodie Hair, Man!

The Hip-Hop Look:

 If you’re looking for hip-hop clothes but don’t want to buy expensive designer brands like Supreme or Diamond Supply Company, your local thrift store has bad bunny merch hoodies that fit the look perfectly. Pair a black or white zip up with jeans and some high top sneakers to achieve this look effortlessly.

The College Vibe:

Hoodie weather doesn’t care about standardized dress code rules in college, which is why plenty of students are seen rocking their matching sweatshirt with their school’s logo on it – an easy way to flaunt your pride while keeping warm!

The ’90s Nostalgia Trend:

Of the best things about being a kid was the abundance of hoodies you never had to take off, and now that they’re back in style there’s no need to let them go. The ’90s nostalgia look is not only trendy but comfortable as well!

The At leisure Look:

If you’re a fan of wearing athletic clothes even when you’re not working out, then a stylish pair of sweatpants will look great underneath your favorite hoodie. Pair some sneakers or tennis shoes with this look for an easy outfit that can be worn at any time during the day!

The Hype beast Look:

For those who like skateboarding and attending local music festivals, wearing Supreme, Bape, or Diamond Supply Company is key to this street wear look. Mix and match several of these brands’ hoodies together to pull off the “hype beast” vibe effortlessly.

The Classic Look:

Everyone needs a good black zip-up, and with so many different styles out there you have plenty of options to choose from. Layer this comfy sweatshirt over a simple white shirt for a classic look that’s always in style!


Hoodies are an iconic piece in everyone’s wardrobe, so shop around for your favorite to find which one matches your sense of style best! Whether it’s casual or preppy, colorful or hipster, there is no limit when it comes to styling up your favorite hoodie!

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