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10 Tips for Safe Use of LPG Equipment

Liquefied Petroleum Gas is used in households for cooking and heating purposes. Abbreviated as LPG, gas is the primary fuel used in almost every household for cooking food. Apart from cooking, the gas is also used for heating and running vehicles.

However, users need to learn the safe use of LPG equipment to use it safely. Using the gas equipment with carelessness can be dangerous to the user as well as for neighbors and surroundings. Therefore, it is essential for homeowners to know the safe use of LPG equipment.

Let us explore some safety tips for using LPG equipment at home.

Placement of your gas equipment


The placement of your gas equipment is important for the safety of your family and neighbors. Most people keep their LPG equipment in the kitchen. The place where you keep your gas equipment should be ventilated. In case of any leakage, adequate ventilation will enable the gas to leave the house quickly and not pile up in the kitchen.

Keep the equipment well maintained

It is essential for LPG users to maintain their gas equipment. Clean the burners, clean, and check the pipe, regulator, and stove regularly. If anything is worn or not working properly, you should call a professional to repair or replace it. If the gas equipment is well maintained, it reduces the chances of leakage and improves the safety of your home.

Turn off the regulator

A regulator is a device that is used to turn on or turn off the supply of gas to the stove. Most people never pay attention to the regulator of the gas. They never turn it off after use. However, it can make the difference between safety and risk. Turning off the regulator cuts off the supply and reduces the chances of leakage. Therefore, every user should turn off the gas regulator after using it, especially at night.

Chimneys and Exhaust

Chimneys are an important part of every kitchen, but they are not merely for expelling out the smoke. A chimney can also help expel out the gas in case of a leakage. Moreover, exhaust fans also help expel out the gas from the area where they are installed. If you don’t have a chimney, you must have an exhaust in the kitchen. These are simple electrical tools that enhance the safety of households using cooking gas.

Inspect the gas appliances

Homeowners should inspect the gas appliance at least once a week to check for any defects or leaks. If you find any cuts in the pipes or any part malfunctioning, stop using the gas immediately and turn off the regulator. Then call a professional to inspect and repair or replace the defective part.

The best way to inspect your equipment is to call a gas safe registered engineer for inspection and service once a year.

Install gas detectors in your home

Install gas detectors in your home


Small leaks cannot produce enough gas that you can detect. However, even small leakages of gas can be dangerous. Therefore, homeowners should install natural gas or carbon monoxide detectors to detect the presence of gas in their homes. A carbon monoxide detector also alerts you of the improperly burned natural gas and fossil fuels. For enhanced safety, you can install a carbon monoxide alarm that gives a loud beep on the detection of CO gas.

Get the barrel from an authorized distributor

When the gas in the barrel finishes, some people ask for a filled barrel from sources other than their distributor. The gas barrels from other sources can be dangerous for your property and gas equipment due to compatibility issues. Therefore, users should always get the barrel from an authorized LPG distributor only.

You should never offer a filled or empty gas barrel to any person other than your distributor. Moreover, you should check the seal and condition of the barrel before receiving it from the delivery person.

Never use a commercial gas barrel at home

The commercial gas barrels are designed to be used with the commercial gas stoves and accessories. They are not compatible with the home gas equipment. Using commercial gas bottles at home can be dangerous. Users should use only the home gas bottles for household use and not any other types of barrels.

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Place the gas barrel correctly

The placement of the gas barrel plays a vital role in the safety of your gas equipment and home. Homeowners should not place the gas barrel horizontally. The gas safety regulations recommend placing the gas barrel in a vertical position. Also, you should never roll or throw the gas barrel on the ground.

If you want to carry it from one place to another, it should always be in the vertical position and covered with a seal. Homeowners should place the gas barrel in a ventilated place. Even an empty barrel has some amount of gas that can leak to the surroundings.

Never panic in case of leakage

LPG or natural gas can leak due to unknown reasons despite following all the safety measures. It is a highly dangerous situation for homeowners and people living in close vicinity. However, a family should never panic in case of leakage and should immediately get out of the building in such a case. Here are some safety tips to follow in case of gas leakage.

1.       Open the doors and windows and get out of the building immediately

2.       Never use any electrical switch or equipment as it can lead to a fire.

3.       Call an emergency service immediately after coming out of the building.

4.       Never operate any electronic gadget in or around the house.

5.       If the gas leaks in the night, don’t turn on the lights or operate any switch.

6.       Wait for the arrival of emergency services.

Final Words

Using LPG with safety is the responsibility of every family. Homeowners should not allow children to operate the gas equipment and turn off the regulator after every use. The key to using gas equipment safely is to maintain it and use it with caution. Following the gas safety regulations can help households to use LPG safely in their homes.

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