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12 Chicken Dishes That the Caterers Service

Chicken is the Paradise to food lovers, especially with non-vegetarian food lovers. People who are fond of having caramelized onions, and shimmered meat. Caterers these days prepare the best out of this stuff, and also maintain the strata of the wedding Stage decoration.

1. Chicken Pakora

Chicken Pakora

Boneless chicken pieces, dipped in the batter of egg and cornflour. Box shaped pieces of chicken, dip fried in oil. Caterers further use this as a base for chilli chicken and also a wonderful starter for weddings with grand wedding Stage decoration.

2. Chicken mayonnaise salad

Salads are just the new trend at events with fancy wedding Stage decoration. Caterers prepare a beautiful salad bar, where they have multiple options. Like, mushroom salad, green sprout salad, and obviously the beautiful chicken salad with a dressing of mayonnaise.

3. Chicken Cutlet

Chicken being stuffed as a soft fillet inside the beautiful coating of bread crumbs. Caterers generally serve this as a first dish in the main course. Wedding Stage decoration has to be a part of the amazing taste too.

4. Chicken momo

Chicken momo

Dimsums, dumpling, momo and lots of names given all across the world. The fancy wedding Stage decoration of an event, beside a wonderful Catering facility. Caterers serve this like a fancy starter.

5. Chicken soup

Chopsuey, dimsums, lots and lots of delicacies widely served at a wedding function in Kolkata. Wedding Stage decoration is just a part of the bigger soup counter in the banquet hall.

6. Chicken Chow Mein

Wedding Stage decoration being the primary aura of a marriage function, Chow Mein is the main attraction of the live cooking counters of the Caterers. Yes, chicken Chow Mein is cooked live for a simple attraction for the guests.

7. Chicken fried rice

Chicken fried rice

This is a lovely chinese platter filled for the guests at an event, with elite wedding Stage decoration. The rice is slightly stirred with olive oil and chopped vegetables. The tiny pieces of chicken are bigger than keema, but smaller than Biryani pieces.

8. Chicken biryani

Biryani is a forever love for almost all the people in the city of joy. Wedding Stage decoration is a speciality of weddings, but biryani is the speciality of Bengali Weddings. Caterers keep the best taste with a piece of potato, egg and a big chicken piece.

9. Chicken pulao

Yellow basanti Pulao cooked with the beautiful taste of chicken pieces. Caterers usually garnish it with coriander leaves for the wedding Stage decoration.

10. Chilli chicken

This is one of the most popular chinese side dishes at marriages with posh wedding Stage decoration. Caterers cook this, with boneless chicken and a light sauce of soya sauce and other dressings.

11. Chicken kasha

Chicken kasha

Simplest of curry, shimmered with cooked and boiled chicken. Yes, boiled and not roasted. Caterers make sure that the gravy is red and delicious, for keeping up with the wedding Stage decoration.

12. Chicken bharta

This is particularly made out of shredded chicken, and a mixture of few spices, and cubes of tomato, chopped onion, garlic and ginger. The chicken is finely cooked with cream, curd or cheese by the Caterers. The wedding Stage decoration of an event demands to have proper garnishing of coriander and fresh cream. Caterers keep the food extremely in order and maintained. But to maintain the dignity of the big wedding Stage decoration, the Caterers do need to concentrate on the look and presentation of the cuisines, along with the taste as well.

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