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17 Tricks to Increase the Web Traffic of Your Page or Blog

It’s no use having the most beautiful website in the world if we don’t do anything to make it known.

That is why today I want to show you 17 tricks that will help you increase your page visits substantially.

SEO tricks to increase web traffic

– Improve the CTR

 We understand by CTR as Click Trough Rate or, what is or the same, the click rate generated by a link with respect to the times shown.

 The CTR as we will address in this article is the one that is achieved in the search results. When you have positioned a website in Google and users, after doing a search, see your result, they are generating impressions and clicks. The CTR, in this case, would correspond to the impressions generated between the clicks.

 Why optimize CTR can increase web traffic? It is basic, the higher the CTR in your results the greater the number of visits to your website. On the other hand, the CTR is a very important factor in web positioning, and if you improve on this site, you can get even more traffic.

 Google tends to improve the position or at least maintain it, of those results that enjoy a good CTR. For example, if you have a page in the third position on the first page of Google with a highly searched keyword, it is likely that at the beginning, you will receive a large number of impressions.

 If of all those impressions you barely get clicks, Google will determine that your page is not relevant or does not offer what users are looking for, therefore it can lower it some positions.

 If on the contrary, you have a title, a Meta description, and an optimized snippet, you can get more clicks and in this way increase the CTR. Google will notice that your page is relevant and useful to the user and is likely to improve its position, thus increasing the likelihood of even more clicks.

 – Loading speed

 The time it takes to load a website or a specific page is essential, both for web positioning and for the user experience. Both are related to each other in a very direct way.

 When we discuss website speed optimization then we can’t forget WPO. The better optimized a website is, the better loading speed it will have and this allows us to get more visits through the factors I have talked about in the previous lines.

 Google itself states that a half-second increase in the loading time on its website reduces them by 20% of web traffic. If this affects Google like this, how will it affect you?

 Think about it, Google wants to offer the best to its users and therefore it will show above those pages that take less time to load.

 That your website takes too long to load will not cause Google to penalize you, but it will show other results above yours. If you optimize the loading speed of those pages you want to position, it will be more likely that you will rise in the ranking and therefore, increase your visits.

 WPO (Web Performance Optimization)

Tools to know the charging time

 The following ‘WPO’ correspond to Web Performance Optimization. It refers to working the loading times of web or page so that they are as low as possible, that is, when accessing a web page it shows all the content in the shortest possible time.

 – Internal linking – Interlinking

 Another of the SEO factors that must be taken into account in the SEO On-Page strategies is internal linking or interlinking. It is about creating links that lead to other pages of your website, transferring authority between them and creating an internal linking structure as complete as possible.

 Directly, linking to our own pages or articles can be beneficial for traffic with a very simple reason: you complement the information you are displaying with other articles and give your readers the possibility to browse more pages, thus obtaining more pages views.

 In a less direct way, using an appropriate internal link strategy we can increase web traffic thanks to the improvement of your page’s SEO on Page. This is because the internal links of a website help Google to track a page much better.

 Each page derives the links in it called the link juice, and those pages that receive more links improve in authority. Therefore, a complex and careful internal linking can improve the authority of the web at a global level, distributing the link juice throughout the site, taking advantage of the authority of the different pages.

 – Long-tail Keywords

 Another SEO factor to increase the visits to your website is to work well with the keywords long tail. For those of you who don’t know the term ‘long tail’ yet, it refers to the long-tail keywords. That is to say:

 Keyword: ‘lawyer’

 Keyword long tail: ‘labor lawyer in India’.

 While it is true that normally the volume of long-tail searches is usually smaller than in more generic keywords, the well-worked long tail can bring you a lot of web traffic.

Why we should take care of keywords having low search volume?

Probably, now we will see long-tail have less competition or keyword difficulty so it is much easier to position a page as a result by working a long tail keyword, than attacking a very general keyword.

 The most generic keywords have a higher search volume and therefore, can bring us many visits. However, they are usually characterized by having a very high competition, or what is the same, there are already many websites positioning pages and they also have more authority than you.

– Optimize the keywords you have positioned without wanting

When you publish a page or an entry with content, even if you are pointing to a specific keyword, you will also start positioning for different ones. Therefore, if we find those keywords for which users are finding us and we update the contents by enhancing those words, we can increase SEO traffic to our website in an important way.

To see these keywords, the best tool for this is the Search Console. The Google tool recognizes the keywords for which we are being clicked in the results listings and offers us information about the position and the number of visits we have obtained.

Once we have identified these words, it is time to get down to work by including these keywords in strategic places such as subtitles, paragraphs, descriptions, etc.

And best of all, not only will our traffic increase by these keywords, but Google will see that we have updated our pages or entries and may reward.  Remember that Google likes updated content.

– Twitter Cards

Look at the example I put just below. If we search for you will see that even if they are not published with a photo, a file with a large image, a title and a brief description appears.

As per Twitter, Twitter Cards can give you 43% more interactions and 23% more clicks and tweets with images get 313% more interactions & 52% more RTs.

If you have a website or blog in WordPress it is very easy to get that when one of your pages is published on this social network, a Twitter Card like the one you have seen automatically appears.

After installing it, you can customize the Twitter Card that will appear by default on your pages, giving you the choice between different types of formats. I recommend that you use images in a specific format for Twitter (2: 1), in this way you will ensure that what the image includes is not cut.

– Meet your audience in Social Networks with Google Analytics

Behind every social media strategy, there must be a thorough analytical work. One of the things we can know thanks it is how the users who visit us behave, what they share with us on social networks or which page is read more.

To increase website traffic with this technique we must have Google Analytics. Using a function that we are going to see how we can know which articles of our blog or which pages of our website are most visited through social networks and, of course, from which social network.

Knowing this you can choose better the posts you want to spread on social networks, know what content works best in each of them or even guide you to make new articles. In the face-to-face course of Google Analytics, as in its online version, which we teach in Aula CM, we teach you all these and many more techniques to make the most of this powerful tool.

To access this information follow these steps:

From Reports, access Acquisition> Social> Network References.

From here you can check how much traffic you are getting from social media platforms. In addition, within each of them, you can know which articles are the most visited and assess the quality of the average visitor of each page.

These data can be very useful because you will see how there are some articles that are better disseminated in some social networks than in others.

From Reports, access Acquisition> Social> Landing pages.

Here you will simply see the articles that users reach most from social networks.

Some data that can help you a lot when creating new content, know which network to go with according to which article and be more precise in your strategy.

– Buzzsumo

Obtaining information on what works best in social networks can be very useful when deciding which content to publish or even which we disseminate again. Buzzsumo is a tool that allows us to mainly do two things:

The most shared in social networks: you can discover what content or publications are the most shared by searching for a complete keyword or the most shared at that time. Undoubtedly a good way to keep up to date with the trend. It can also be helpful to decide what types of public content if you have in your blog or website any content that can fit with what is being talked about … Take advantage of the trends and get into the conversation with your own content can bring a greater amount of traffic.

The most shared of your website: by entering the address of your website, Buzzsumo tells you which pages are the most shared in each of the social networks. Interpreting these statistics may be key to the next publications you make. So much for the contents that you create new in your blog and for the contents that you have thought to publish again in social networks.

– Facebook Ads

Creating campaigns correctly segmented and with ads formed by good copies can bring you a lot of traffic, in addition to qualified.

Try, create small campaigns with a low budget, between 100 INR and 300 INR a day, or start with a test of a 400 INR campaign. Use demographic and interest segmentation according to the article you are going to promote and analyze the results you get. In campaigns of interaction with the publication, you can get a cost per interaction less than the euro cent.

Here is a post that I promoted on my Facebook page. Look at the number of shares and scope of the publication.

– Buttons to share

Social networks can be a channel that makes you increase your web traffic a lot, either because you share the content on your channels and groups, or because your audience wants to share your website in their profiles.

To increase web traffic from social networks it is essential to make it easy for users. To do this you must place buttons on your blog or website that allow them to share what they are seeing in a simple way.

These buttons allow the user to click on them and publish a tweet or a publication that is created by default, on their profile on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin,  Pinterest or even WhatsApp. In addition, there are also aggregators such as Reddit, Diigo, slashdot and tools such as Buffer.

– Google AMP

Surely if you have a website or blog you will know the vital importance of the loading speed of a website or WPO (Web Performance Optimization).

The loading time of a website is important for two main reasons: user experience and web positioning. Both reasons are closely related, why? Google is a company, all companies have customers and Google customers are the users who search in your search engine.

Like other companies, Google also wants to serve the best results to its users. Not only those who answer the questions they have but also those who can offer a better experience and within this factor is the loading speed of a website.

Loading speed has a direct impact on many other statistics, such as the number of sales in an eCommerce, but let’s focuses on talking about how loading speed and Google AMP can help you get more traffic.

What is Google AMP?

Simply put, it is a technology that Google has created that allows you to create pages that load up to 80% faster on mobile devices. This is possible because the websites in the AMP version have an HTML and Javascript that contains the basics that should be displayed, not including for example plugins and certain Javascript codes.

In addition, in other places such as Linkedin, your shared pages will be available in AMP format for users who access the app.

How can Google AMP help you get more traffic?

Activate Google AMP not going to help you directly as a campaign can be in Facebook Ads, obviously, it is related to SEO. Google better positions the websites that load faster and especially now pays special attention to the mobile versions of the websites. Internet is already searched more from mobile devices than from computers and Google wants to offer the best in these places.

If you improve the loading speed of your website, you will improve your SEO: Thanks to this, you will be able to increase the web traffic in those results that you are positioning but can still scale some more position in the SERP.

– Attractive titles

One of the best techniques to increase web traffic is to generate attractive titles that increase the CTR of our results in SERPs. As I said before, the CTR is a crucial factor when it comes to improving our SEO positioning. The more clicks we get in our results, the better Google will consider it.

Therefore, I recommend that you review the SEO titles of your pages and posts and optimize them so that they are attractive to users. If you change them for ones with more hook and that incite more to the click, your CTR will increase and Google will probably gradually increase the positions.

– Email marketing

Nowadays it is very difficult to retain users who visit a website. But even more complicated is to make the users who have visited our website remember us and visit us again later.

One of the best techniques for them to return is Email marketing.

In case you do not know what it is, it is about sending bulk emails to a list of people that we have previously collected. For this, subscription forms are usually placed in strategic places on our website in exchange for exclusive content, discounts, coupons, etc.

Then, with that list of contacts, we can use some email marketing tools such as Mailchimp and make an attractive newsletter for our users. There are a lot of email marketing providers available in market. You may choose any of them. In this way, we can reach visitors who have subscribed to our newsletter to return to our website.

– Google Trends

On a website, you can create different types of articles according to their temporality: timeless, seasonal and temporary. Google Trends, one of Google’s great tools, can help you create them.

Google Trends lets you know what is most searched in any country, what related terms are searched, if those searches grow or decrease, it even tells you what long-tail keywords are being searched for, at the time or searched in the past.

All this information can help you get ideas in order to create articles on the blog that really interest users.

– Guest blogging

If there is a differential factor that can give a great boost to your website that is to publish a post as a guest author on a powerful blog and related topics. The advantages are many, among which are the following:

You gain referral traffic: Normally, when you publish an article as a guest, you can insert one or two links to your web page, expanding information about a topic or aspect discussed in the article. Therefore, if someone wants to know more about that topic, they will click on the link and you will take a visit.

Increase your notoriety: By posting on external blogs to yours you get a greater reach and exposure of your content. Thanks to this, you will be able to attract a new potential audience of readers that perhaps you didn’t have before.

You get good inbound links: One of the fundamental pillars of SEO is to get good backlinks to our website. If you publish an article on an important blog related topic, you will directly enhance the SEO positioning of your website.

– Infographics

Infographics are elements that greatly enrich the contents of any type of blog. This increases the time of permanence of the users, the probability that they share the content and, in addition, you generate a new possibility to get incoming links to your website.

And if this were not enough, due to the increase in the popularity of this type of graphic elements, more and more users are looking for infographics directly on Google on certain topics, which opens the door to capture visits from the images section.

– Update articles

Google always wants to show the best and most up-to-date content in the top positions.

Therefore, if you have content that you have not modified for a long time and you want to upload your positions in the results listings expand the contents and review the keywords for which you are positioning them.

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