Promote Your YouTube Channel Using SEO

3 Pro Tips to Promote Your YouTube Channel Using SEO

Want to know how to effectively promote your YouTube channel? Whether you’re an influencer, a musical artist, or a professional gamer who streams on YouTube, these tips will help you get more views. This guide focuses on strategies—such as search engine optimization (SEO), that you don’t commonly see in similar articles. 

But what exactly is SEO and why is it important for a YouTube channel?

Why Is SEO Important for Your YouTube Channel?

SEO is a strategy that increases a website’s traffic by helping people find it through search results. It leads people looking for specific content to the right place. And the same strategies work for any YouTube channel. 

If, for example, your channel is about painting—you can optimize it so that anyone who searches for painting-related content can find you. It puts you closer to the top of the search results, leading more people to view your videos. How do you do that?

3 Pro Tips to Promote Your YouTube Channel Using SEO

Here are the best ways to promote your channel using SEO strategies that really work!

1. Add Subtitles to Your Videos

Not many people know this, but subtitles do a great deal in helping your YouTube channel become more visible on search engines. Remember, subtitles are “texts”, and any text on any website affects its rankings on Google. They also increase potential link clicks. Did you know that YouTube is available in over 80 languages? Adding subtitles to your YouTube videos will ensure that more people all over the world understand your content. Even if you don’t directly translate it to different languages, just being able to read what’s being said will encourage more people to watch it. 

The great news is it is now super easy to do thanks to online subtitling tools like VEED! It can automatically generate subtitles for you. All you have to do is upload your video to the site, click on ‘Add Subtitles’ then the ‘Auto Transcribe’ button. In a few minutes, you will see the subtitles appear on the screen! You will then be able to edit them if you wish. VEED also gives you the option to type the subtitles manually or you can upload a subtitle file like an SRT, VTT, or TXT. 

2. Optimize Your Videos’ Descriptions

The title and text you enter for your video after uploading it serves a greater purpose than just describing its content. Google considers YouTube video descriptions when displaying results on searches. So, make your descriptions as specific and concise as possible so you can find the right audience. By doing this, you are effectively promoting your channel without even spending on ads. This strategy also applies to the main description of your channel. People are also more likely to watch videos when they know what to expect. 

The character limit for YouTube video descriptions is 5,000. It’s best to keep your descriptions under this character count. It is also on the description field that you can enter hashtags. Hashtags are very useful in SEO. You can even add hyperlinks to your other videos in the descriptions. This encourages your visitors to keep exploring your YouTube channel! 

3. Make Sure to Use the Right Tags

Tags, also called metadata, mainly help the platform suggest the right videos to people who are looking for them. But they also contribute to your YouTube channel’s rankings. How do you take advantage of this? Don’t just add categories as tags—make sure you add other relevant keywords as well. 

These are the three top pro tips that you can follow to increase your YouTube channel’s visibility using SEO. Try it today and see how it boosts your views!

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