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4 Companies That Help Discovering Consumer Insights

Nowadays, every company wants to stay ahead to win the competition and sell more products and services to its customers. But fulfilling the requirements of your client is all that matters. You can exceed your business only when you satisfy your buyer’s expectations.

Consumer insights are the perfect tools to understand what your customer is looking for and how you can fulfill his needs. Know about such tools, its significance, and four companies that help in discovering consumer insights.

What is Consumer Insight and Why It’s Important?

Consumer insight is a way of understanding and analyzing your customers with their behavior, data, and reviews. It improves the product’s quality and develops effective marketing strategies to sell services to the targeted audience.

When a business owner understands various things that his consumer wants, he will produce something useful for his client. With more customer satisfaction, a business will grow more. Every company owner must target sales down, product improvement, engagement with the targeted audience, increasing conversion rates, etc.

The significance of consumer insights is to provide an opportunity to make improvements in a business. It may include altering products and services according to the demands and needs of the customer. Growing a business with more revenue will become easy if you create customer personas in detail, developing the latest marketing strategies, enhancing the quality of what you are offering, etc.

Consumer insights are quite important to increase the conversion rate and to enhance brand awareness. Many companies are doing well after improving their customer service. Everything happened with the help of insights by understanding the requirements of the shoppers. 

4 Companies for Discovering the Consumer Insights

1.   Trustpilot

It is one of the effective review platforms, where more than 1.6 million customers share feedback from various companies in detail. People go through these reviews and decide whether to buy any product or service of your brand or not. A company owner can understand his business and offer products to its customers.

Trustpilot helps in improving and making your company better. It is one of the biggest platforms, where millions of businesses are ranked. Through positive reviews, people trust your brand and invest their money in buying your products and services.

2.   Revuze

Revuze helps in understanding your audience and lets you improve your strategic decisions. With the help of analytics, you can determine your consumer’s problems and how you can help them. This platform provides all the necessary data regarding reviews, surveys, etc., from different sources. It is possible to discover all the topics according to the product category to develop a unique taxonomy without any human interaction.

The unique program of Revuze helps in processing and understanding the perceptions of the customer. If you know them well, then you can easily create what they want. In this way, you can reach them well emotionally, fulfill their needs, and grow your business.

3.   Thinkwithgoogle

To scale up your business, Google offers a great consumer insight tool to check consumer beliefs, behavior, and requirements. It shares an interactive report in which you can determine what your customers are searching on google chrome. You can target various keywords that are commonly searched.

You can think with Google and make marketing strategies that fulfill all the needs of the consumers. There is no need to use advertisements or demographic data to get buyer intent. The powerful insights by Google can help you in improving your business strategies and increasing conversion rates.

4.   Nielsen

It is a market research group or a news center filled with interesting updates and information by company leaders. It is a great platform to get relevant information about the brand to know products and services in detail. Nielsen has connected many eCommerce platforms in an online network for enabling lifestyle evolution.

One cannot guess about any brand and how it is available in the market. Nielsen provides clear insights to determine the reality of things in existence. With the change in trends in different industries, it is easy to know what consumers want and how they can fulfill it.


Understanding consumer’s needs should be a crucial thing for any company. A business can only grow if it offers products and services that are high in demand. No one wants to invest money in any new brand or something that is not considered good on social media. Various companies are there that help discover the consumer insights so that a company owner can understand the beliefs, behavior, perceptions, and requirements of its customers. If you know them, then only you can provide the right quality product.

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