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Rainwater Harvesting in India – Benefits

Water is one of the most precious gifts of nature that we need for our survival. But humans have not taken care of this nature’s gift and have wasted it endlessly.

Ever thought what will happen if the world faces a shortage of water? Definitely, we can’t even imagine the consequences will be worse than our imaginations.

Which is why we need to save water and one of the best ways you can pick to save water is rainwater harvesting. Before we talk about the benefits of Rainwater harvesting let’s just first know what it is actually.

What do you mean by Rainwater Harvesting?

Rainwater harvesting in simple words is actually collecting and storing the rainwater rather than allowing it to run off and then using it for agricultural purposes. Let’s have a look at the advantages of Rainwater Harvesting.

Benefits of Rainwater Harvesting process in India

  • It is easy to maintain

Rainwater harvesting in India is being done by many of its states. It is very easy to maintain and also the overall cost of installing and operating is very less. It’s lesser than other water purifying systems and techniques.

The maintenance requires a very little amount of time and energy. So the water can be used in many substantial ways without even purifying it.

  • It allows you independent water supply

This technique of rainwater harvesting allows the users independent use of water supply. Whereas, the other modes of supply are very costly and difficult to gain.

Many places of India use harvested rainwater as a supplemental source of water rather than using it as the main source of water supply.

  • It helps in reducing the water bills

The collected water in rainwater harvesting can be used for many purposes besides drinking. It can help one in many ways like small businesses. This way, it helps in the reduction in the utility bill.

And you know, saving electricity and money- they both are highly beneficial in today’s world.

  • Mostly best for the irrigation purposes

Rainwater harvesting in India has mainly helped the farmers in irrigation. The only requirement that is needed for this purpose is to build a new infrastructure for the rainwater harvesting system.

But besides that, it has helped the farmers to save a lot of money. Rainwater is also pure and free from all the types of chemicals that are mainly found in the groundwater. Hence the process makes it the best for the irrigation and watering of the gardens.

  • It helps in reducing the demand for groundwater

Water should be saved and used carefully as we know that the demand for water has been increasing day by day. The population is increasing and so is the demand for water.

Because of the increasing population, the colonies and also the industries are extracting groundwater to fulfil their needs. This has led to the depletion of groundwater which significantly lowered down the level in some areas where there is huge water scarcity.

  • For drinking as well as non-drinking purposes

Rainwater harvesting in India helps in keeping the environment clean. It is also independent of salinity and pollutants that are found in the groundwater.

If the rainwater is properly harvested then it can be used for drinking purposes as well. Besides this, the harvested rainwater can also be used for other purposes like cooking, bathing, cleaning, washing cars, gardening and many more.

  • It also helps in reducing floods and soil erosion

The importance of rainwater harvesting which can be highlighted is that it helps in the reduction of the floods. It also reduces the problem of soil erosion.

As the rainwater is stored in large tanks it automatically helps in reducing the floods. Apart from this it also helps in reducing the problem of soil erosion.

  • Helps in the time of drought

Many states in India face the problem of drought and this is where rainwater harvesting helps. When drought occurs the rainwater harvested in the past months is used as it is cheap and reliable. The amount of the harvested water stays enough for the crops to grow.

In conclusion, rainwater harvesting in India is one of the most used techniques these days and people are getting more knowledge and are opting for this technique.

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