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Userlane Alternatives

5 Best Userlane Alternatives For Better Customer And Employee Onboarding

Customer and employee onboarding can be a time-consuming process. Making employees understand each software and delivering the necessary information to the customers require the adoption of better-customized solutions. A digital adoption platform or DAP serves as the best tool that can help in creating automated workflows for better and hassle-free onboarding. The solution helps in reducing time for making employees and customers understand the working of different software solutions. Userlane is one such DAP that is known for its amazing and unparalleled functionality. Various aspects make Userlane one of the best solutions that companies can adopt. Let’s discuss Userlane and its features

Userlane is a dedicated digital adoption platform that helps in reducing the time concerned with employee training and customer onboarding. Through automated workflows and analytics, Userlane helps in saving a lot of time for the customer and employee onboarding. It can be better understood through its various features:

1. No requirement for coding:

Userlane eradicates the need for coding and developing software for employee onboarding and learning. It automatically creates workflows that can be followed by the employees for faster and convenient learning. 

2. Makes learning interactive:

Guides can be embedded into the system for faster learning. These may include videos and other necessary learning modules.

3. Virtual assistance:

Virtual assistance solutions are also made available for support.

4. Differentiation of information:

Information can be differentiated on different pages for better and convenient learning.

5. Information about the level of interaction with the platform and its guides can be obtained for improvement.

Despite the best features, there are various alternatives of Userlane that companies can opt for. These alternatives are known for their better-added features and overall user-friendly interface that makes them a worthy opponent of Userlane.

1. Whatfix:

Whatfix is also a DAP that helps in making product walkthroughs more understandable and effective. Better product integration and data analytics solutions make it one of the best digital adoption platforms that companies can easily opt for. Features that make it a better alternative to Userlane are as follows:

• Better and diversified product integration:

Whatfix offers better integration in terms of accepting web, and desktop-based applications. However, Userlane only supports HTML web-based products.

• Access to better user analytics:

Whatfix offers better user-analytics information that can easily be accessed through downloads. 

• Availability of various onboarding solutions:

Whatfix also makes available various solutions like Videos, PDF, and articles for a better onboarding process. The flow of learning once created can be upgraded automatically.

They deliver Learning management system integration and offer the best limitless support services as well.

2. WalkMe:

WalkMe is best known for its following features that make it a better option as compared to Userlane:

• WalkMe has better user analytics options for understanding various aspects.

• Diverse and better solutions are made available that can help with customer and employee onboarding and contribute towards hassle-free training.

• WalkMe delivers better features and capabilities that make it suitable for enterprises of every size like small, medium as well as large.

3. Pendo:

Pendo possesses better and more diverse features in comparison to Userlane. Some of these are listed below:

• Better analytics:

Pendo keeps a tab on every aspect like product walkthroughs and user behavior that helps in the delivery of better and more informed analytics. NPS score is also included for informed and stronger analytics.

• Offers suggestions for improvement:

The platform also makes available suggestions that can help improve the overall onboarding workflow. Better options are made available for improvement in various aspects.

4. Appcues:

Appcues is similar to Userlane in terms of features and functionalities but delivers better capabilities in terms of obtaining feedback information. Also, Appcues can be easily integrated with both web and mobile-based applications that Userlane cannot offer. It is considered to be suitable for small companies due to its main feature of delivery of better feedback information quickly.

5. Gainsight:

Last but not the least, Gainsight offers better solutions for employee onboarding and feedback. It offers better customization capabilities to the user and guides where necessary improvements can be made. It mainly focuses on user behavior and making onboarding as faster as possible. These Userlane alternatives can be adopted by companies. They can be easily adopted; offer better customization options, and makes the onboarding and learning process easier and smooth.

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